Once to read and the places to explore

Once upon a time in an enchanted forest lived a cat named Norman. He was a Very intelligent cat and he loved transmitting what he learned, you will always find him in the library with his nose in a book. Norman knew interesting things from  anywhere in the forest, and from the world, as well as stories from ali the ancestors of the people Norman lived in a small tree house, which he built, near the fast river and the meadow of roses. He was the only one of his kind who considered himself an intelligent being, while the other cats considered themselves as artistic beings since most were aristocrats, fashion designers, painters and musicians. For this reason, Norman only had a few friends, with few I mean a family of vegetarian  crocodiles who lived by the lake, his best friend was the crocodile called Fangs. Fangs and Norman had a common interest, the adventures, they loved discovering new parts of the forest and finding out if the local legends were true. The time that Fangs and Norman passed was very little because the family of Fangs traveled a tot to Australia to visit the rest of the family. When Fangs was not at home, Norman played chess with a couple of bears and oid people who were very fond of him One day, Fangs was going to Australia to spend Christmas with his family and Norman was going to be left alone. He tried to stay with Mrs. Bear and Mr. Bear, but they were in the middle of their hibernation and he didn’t want+ to bother them. Norman spent(days 50 in the library that he ran out of books to read and the places to explore were covered in snow. Each day was more boring than the other and it seemed that time had stopped, Norman found himself looking at the roof of his house trying to think of an exciting thing to do. He asked himself what new places could he discover? What new book Wii) he read? Suddenly an idea carne io his mind, near the forest there was a village of humans that had not beer; exp!0T’d  by anyone in the forest, he wanted to be the first; but it was not the orgy he wanted to visit this village. Norman knew that hunnans were very intelligent beings and had many more books than the library of the forest, he fe that he had finally  Ana Cecilia Garcia Låpez 3rd Semester “C” English Short Story fo d beings with whom he could share his intelligence, he felt that he finally riends.He got up from his bed, enthusiastic, and began to pack his bags and prepare his things for the trip by putting everything he thought he could need: socks, sweaters, jackets, scarves, food, water etc. That night he could not sleep from the excitem nt, the things find and the wonderful stories he could tell when he return . He would no longer be rejected by those of his own race.The next day, Norman woke up with great joy and very willing to start his journey. He left a note for Mrs. Bear and Mr. Bear telling them that he was on a trip and to not expect him to come soon. Then Norman started his trip to the mysterious village of humans.The road nights were hard, they were cold and, according to Norman, the weather  did not want him to complete his trip, but it only increased his desire to know humans and share what he knew. He was sure that humans had the same knowledge as him, therefore, they were the perfect friends he needed.The village was small and a little dirty, but Norman loved it, nothing was as charming as a community together supporting one another. While walking through the streets, Norman was more amazed by how the people of the town helped and worked with each other in harmony. But not all was cheerful and beautiful, Norman entered a dark alley and it was as if he had entered another world. There people  prayed for a piece of food and lived on a piece of cardboard in the corner that  seemed most welcoming. He did not like what he saw and wanted to return to the enchanted forest immediately. But something caught his eye.On the way back, he saw a girl huddled in the corner in what appeared to be a restaurant, waiting for someone to though a piece of bread anything she could eat. Norman saw the girl and knew he could not leave, not without helping the girl. He  approached her slowly. He notice that his clothes were very dirty, big, and with holes.r ernester Good afternoon, little girl- Norman spoke to the little girl, trying to sound friendly and polite.- Hello- Said the girl a little shy. Don •t worry, I will not hurt you, otherwise I want to help you, What’s your name? – My name is Lucy.•How are you doing, Lucy? My name is Norman the Cat. I come from an enchanted forest with lots of exiting creatures with many talents.-Oh, but How can you talk? If you are a cat- said the girl a little more relaxed. Norman laughed and said:- The place where I come from is a magical place, where all the animals can talk and do many things that you cannot imagine.-Seriously- Wonder the girl with curiosity in her eyes.- Sure. I will teii you ali about the enchanted forest with great pleasure- Norman was excited, he wanted to tell the stories he knew, he never had the opportunity. This was his moment.-Just let me look for my brother and then you can continue telling me all about that enchanted forest you live in- The girl run out in search of her brother. He found him trying to rescue a piece of bread from the floor and implored him not to delay so much that someone was going to tell them a wonderful story. The boy and Lucy ran back to Norman exited to hear the story.- This is my brother Mike- Lucy said breathless.-Hello, Mike. I’m Norman- they greeted, and Norman started telling them the story called “The monster of the yellow tree”.- Not far from this village there is an enchanted forest where a lot of wonderful creatures full of mysteries live, but nothing more mysterious than the monster of the yellow tree. The legend says that once there was a fairy named Sparkles. She was the most beautiful fairy, her wings were like a piece cut of heaven, her hair