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On August14th late night in India with mixed emotions I boarded the flight from Mumbai, India to College Station. Flying thousands of miles surpassing three oceansand a time zone difference of approximately 12 hours, I finally landed in the world of Aggies “The Aggieland”, Whoop! Mesmerized by the culture, core values and the traditions of the nation’s best public university, I feel extremely proud to be an Aggie. Upholding the fine traditions and adopting the core values, all the new students imbibe the culture and accept the responsibility along with the privilege of attending Texas A from the day we set our step to attend the school. Aggie is not just a word but is a feeling and an honor which cannot be understood from outside and cannot be described from within. “Once an Aggie, always an Aggie” sets the largest alumni network in the nation, a thriving and a dependable resource for the fellow aggies to rely upon. The Aggies are those classiest people who tailgate together and stand together through thick and thin. We the Aggies greet everyone with a “Howdy” be it people wearing a non maroon color in a big fat game. An aggie ring is a symbol of pride and honor and is as glorious as a wedding ring could be. The golden ring converts those ordinary students to comrades with whom you can instantly bond with. Such amazing traditions and culture sets us as those ideal people who do not differentiate between black and white but consider it as a gray shade. It’s an honor to be a part of the strongest women community in the nation that was predominantly a male school in the mid 1900’s thanks to the initiative of the Board of Regents in the year 1963.The plentitude and contentment achieved by  imbibing the aggie core value to develop leaders of character dedicated to serving the greater good by participating in the nation’s largest student run service “The Big Event” by thanking the residents of the Bryan College Station area and serving the community with service oriented activities while at the same time helping the affected in the Harvey cyclone is unfathomable and unexplainable. Abiding by the Aggie code of honor, we the Aggies are true to ourselves and believe in fairness, equality and justice to all. We do not forget who are no longer a part of us, we are the aggies who stand for their families and remember every fallen aggie in the Aggie Muster and the Silver taps ceremony. AggieLand is not just a place where students achieve their dreams, high quality education or a reputed degree; it is a place where love meets and the couple take an oath of togetherness for life. For every score on the ground the Aggies mug down which symbolizes an Aggie’s respect for love and happiness. Love is not just a bond for couples but it is a bond we share with each and every member in the society. The aggies ignite the fire of togetherness and reunite the separated through love, care and support.To be an aggie is the greatest pride I have ever had in my life. We live, breathe and talk Aggie. It is an Aggie who is compassionate and embraces every culture, value and tradition of the world’s happiest university and gives it back to the society because “We are the Aggies; the Aggies are we