On planet will face. Each Clan must

On an enormous planet Called GoTren there was these 5 clans placed around on this planet. Each one having their own speciality. One of the clans is called Red Shadow and they special in invisibility the second one is called Black Lightning which excel in super speed the third one is named Silverback and they are noticed for they’re super strength the fourth one they are called Dark water and control anything water and have the power of teleportation and the final one the fifth clan are called white sun and known to be the most powerful because they can control all elements. These clans were made to protect GoTren from any evil and to keep the world in peace. But there is a great power growing and he doesn’t have any good intentions and will be the hardest challenge this planet will face. Each Clan must choose their best warrior to take on this great evil and the clans will decide through a series of test that will push the warriors to their limits. The first test is a test of strength which 45 warriors died in but one exceeded and that warrior’s name was Shaquill from the Silverback clan. The next test is all about speed and agility which 20 more warriors died in and the one who excelled in this test name was Bo from the Black Lightning clan. The third test was destruction which 2 warriors came very close together in but one was scored slightly higher and her name is Ra’Shiah. The next test is about the ability to control the elements but there was only one who could control all and beat out all of her opponents with 2 of them dying and her name is Lorriah. And the finan test is all about sneak and the ability to never get caught, 13 warriors died in this challenge but on the other hand there was one who didn’t even come close to being detected and his name is De’krane.These five warriors, Shaquill, Bo, Ra’Shiah, Lorriah, and De’krane are the ones who proved themselves to the five masters to stop this great evil, each with their own special abilities. But before the masters would let the five go they had much more training to do. So the masters sent the five to a planet to train on. The planet had more gravity to make their training more intense, the only other person on that planet isn’t a person but a Lord named Kiren. “Lord Kiren will be there to help you.” the master from the Silverback clan stated. The five looked at each other in confidence besides Ra’Shiah. She looked more of nervous and curious at the sametime. The five traveled to their team ship that was a gift from the masters of the clans to get to the planet Eywalla to train with Lord Kiren. The trip was 24 days, which gave the warriors more time to prepare mentally and physically for their new intense training that was