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On April 20th, 1610, the play Macbeth was performed for the first time in The Globe Theater in London, England. The story William Shakespeare wrote would bring along one of the most wicked and manipulative female characters in all of literature: Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth’s entire character is filled with terrible and selfish qualities that make her an evil character to the story of Macbeth.The story of Macbeth revolves around the murder of the King Duncan, which is orchestrated by Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is the single most important character in the entire story, without her there’s no story. In one of the first lines of dialogue for Lady Macbeth she calls upon the “Spirits that tend on4 mortal thoughts” to show that she’s trying to lose her instinct to care. Even from the first line we can tell something is seriously wrong with lady Macbeth. She is the main creator of the plot to murder Duncan, which she intends to get the chamberlain’s so drunk they become unconscious. She would then take their daggers to kill the king and smear the blood on the body of the chamberlains as well as replace their daggers to frame them for the murder of Duncan. As she is about to commit the murders she stops,saying she would have killed him “Had he not resembled/ My father as he slept” which could be another manipulation so that Macbeth would commit the murder and not her. Little is known about Lady Macbeth’s physical appearance in Macbeth, but in Act I, Scene VII, Macbeth tells her “Bring forth men-children only, For thy undaunted mettle should compose nothing but males. Will it not be received”. Which means he hopes for sons because of how masculine she is as a person . That quote should mean that she could manipulate others because they think she has good intentions, but she could could have her own agenda. At the beginning of the play they seem like a normal happily married couple, but as the play goes on the cracks in their marriage start to show. She sees him as soft, cowardly, and an easy person to manipulate. She is obviously the dominant of the relationship as she leads Macbeth into his darkside. She also plants the seed in his mind that the witches visions are true and that it’s his right to become king by killing Duncan. Macbeth only sees Lady Macbeth as his loving wife who has nothing but the best intentions for himself. He cries to her after killing Duncan and she tells him to quit acting like a child and toughen up.In Act V, their evil deeds come back to bite them. Lady Macbeth is guilt stricken for her role in the murder of Duncan. She has nurses and doctors watch her around the clock as she has become mentally deranged. She keeps washing her hands as she says she can’t get rid of a “Damned spot” which a symbol of guilt. In Act V, Macbeth hears a screech, moments later a servant comes in to tell him that Lady Macbeth has died. He says only that she would have died later on anyway, which shows the mental deterioration of Macbeth himself. When Malcolm comes back, he possibly hints at the fact that she killed herself as he declares that she died by “self and violent hands.”