Ngok Al-Bashir’s 4 cent Difra Oil sales promise

Ngok and Sudan backed Northern Misseriya tribes. Both Sudan and South Sudan wanted the Heglig and and Bamboo Oil fields within the territory, in which the boundaries of the contested area were redrawn by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague as to exclude these areas. However according to the Abyei protocol of 2004 the Government of Sudan (GOS) and SPLMA had to hold a referendum at the same time as the South Sudanese Independence Referendum of 2011 to determine to which nation the Abyei region belonged, but was not carried out due to voting qualification disagreements between the two governments. As a result it is a non-state system with no active police force, and the inhabitants of this region do not benefit from President Omar Al-Bashir’s 4 cent Difra Oil sales promise as there is no body to distribute the earnings. While the border was not successfully divided in 2011 in this region, in the same year 99.57% of the Southern Sudanese population voted for independence. After SPLM/A independence, the SPLM shut down 900 oil wells due Khartoum setting prices of oil traveling through their pipelines at $32 per barrel while South Sudan believed the price should be closer to $1. Being that 80% of the South Sudanese economy being based on oil and consisting of 98% of its revenues during 2012, the economy was devastated, resulting in inflation rates between April and May alone increasing from 29.5% to 79.5%. The  strike was ended in late 2012 after the SPLM agreed to pay the Sudanese government $3 Billion USD to Khartoum in addition to royalty fees for oil run through the pipelines, however in the 2017/218 budget it was stated by South Sudan’s capital Juba that they will be unable to pay the allotted amount for oil refinement and transportation. Following this in 2013, President Kiir dismissed his entire cabinet and accused his ex- Vice President of plotting a Coup, resulting in Riek Machar fleeing to the Northeast region of South Sudan to form a revolutionary force, developing a Dinka-Nuer Civil