Name: C 12. A 13. B 14. C

Name: Nguyen
Thi Minh Chau

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Class: Advanced
Finance 58A


Chapter 1










10.   B

11.     C

12.    A

13.    B

14.    C

15.    C

16.    In the workplace, managerial ethics
appears to be an indispensable component since a sustainable development requires
a respect and responsibility toward the customers’ safety, the natural
environment, as well as human rights. These crucial competences should be
produced in high quality of the products, an environmentally friendly system of
production, decent job conditions for employees, and so on.

17.    Accountability in the relationship (a)
could be interpreted as the following context: the manager’s subordinates are
responsible for reporting to her their performance results in terms the area
distributed to them. Also in (b) the manager is accountable for answering her
performance results to the higher boss.

18.   Glass ceiling effect acts as an
invisible hindrance to minorities as It could limit career promotion and advancement.

In this case, the US society subconsciously shows a racial   prejudice to the African-based, which in turns
could produce a barrier for that graduates when it comes to decision of advancement
opportunities. However excellent he or she might perform, this performance
would eventually be postponed due to an obscure barrier.

19.    Schermerhorn (2010) states that “Globalization
is the worldwide interdependence of resource flows, product markets, and
business competition.” (Schermerhorn, 2010, p.7)

process of globalization enables several impacts on working in the new economy.

To be specific, the first aspect is that there is an increasing interconnection
between countries, because more open policies would internationally facilitate
trading, travelling, and so on.  Also, companies
from nations involved in the process may face a more intense situation of competition,
which in turns provides a more desirable output. Lastly, outsourcing and offshoring
occurs more familiarly, lowering the labour cost while enabling the chance for nations
to promote their specialization at the same time.


As any difficulty appears in life, it could be considered
as a challenge to overcome. The current situation of a heavy workloads, lots of
pressure and diversity in terms of many aspects of the subordinates might be an
extremely enormous challenge initially. However, for the long-run career path,
these hindrances are undoubtedly a promising opportunity for the manager to
promote the managerial skills radically.

Starting from the very first level of management,
technical skill is indeed initial requirement. I, as a manager, may place previous
experiences and preparation into the new audit team, and test to explore
whether there are any shortcomings or not. Of course there will be conflicts
and arguments yet I could learn from it, and put the right techniques into
their most suitable situations. Also, after discussion with the team members, I
would come up with new and diverse ideas, which absolutely won’t appear without

Regarding interpersonal skill, this challenging
situation provides an opportunity to discover diverse backgrounds, which in
turns encourage a more profound understanding about different cultures. Hence,
I would extend my knowledge and skills for future businesses not only with partners
who share the same origins, but also with foreign ones, without much
apprehension of cultural conflicts since the basic etiquettes were acquired. I
would also improve my leadership as I have to distribute, organize and utilize
the strategy in order to achieve the most efficiency and effectiveness for the
whole team.

When it comes to conceptual skill, it would be enhanced
considerably. After the technical and interpersonal steps, now it’s the time to
analyse all the current issues and gauge them more significantly than what have
been done in the previous stages. The analytical skill will be an integral
component in promoting the career path, because of the more and sophisticated
requirements. It’s not the matters of practical and emotional problems anymore,
but meeting this qualification means that you’re now ready for a higher level
of management.

Besides those skills, managerial competences are
also favoured, undeniably. You would enhance your communication after each
meeting, each discussion with team members. Whenever a task is done, teamwork
might be improved to a more desirable position, and so on.

Embracing responsibilities, as a manager, has never
been easy. However, the value and lessons acquired from that are far more
precious than what have been paid.