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My Mom’s side of our family is Irish they came from Ireland. My great great great grandfather murphy came over from the southeastern wexford part of ireland and settled in Tennessee. We are unsure of the time frame he came but we know he settled in Tennessee. He had eight children one of which came to settle in the south bend area. Wexford, a small coastal town in southeastern Ireland, at the mouth of the River Slaney. Wexford has a marine west coast climate that is mild with no dry season, warm summers. Wexford Town is the lively and ancient capital of the county with excellent shopping, bird watching, and bird-life that lives in the area.My family is catholic they have been catholic since they moved from ireland. Where they were from 48 percent of the population was catholic. 12 percent was jewish and that is a lot for just northern ireland. My family attended mass as often as we do on sundays but some weeks more, they also went to confession like us to day, and had their first holy communion like us today, and when they went to mass they received communion just like us.In ireland it is traditional to decorate graves at Christmas with a wreath made of holly and ivy from trees. In many homes in Ireland the traditional crib, along with the Christmas tree are part of a family’s decorations. In ireland even though 48 percent of the population is catholic most all of the population still celebrates it.Irish Christmas traditions usually begin on the first or second weekend of December with many families starting their own preparation for the festivities.  Each family will have their own Christmas traditions but a lot of popular practices still remain today. Traditions during Christmas in Ireland have been passed down through family generations but a more modern approach to the celebrations like the 12 Pubs of Christmas have gained popularity over the past few years.Some traditional irish food is irish stew, shepherd’s pie, bacon cabbage, and boxty.Irish stew is made with made with lamb, mutton, and goat plus water, carrots, celery, and spices.Shepherd’s pie is made out of meat and vegetables, topped with potato kind of like a pot pie. Bacon cabbage is made out of bacon and cabbage. Last but not least boxty is kind of a potato pancake.Ise ain na Nico Ta me imo chonai i Mishawaka, Indiana agus me ag freastal ar scoil Cailleach na Banriona. Ta me i rang a se Taimag scribh tunascaril taignde fao imo oidhreacht teaghlaigh ta suil agam go mbainfidh tu taitreamn as leamh. That is Irish for My name is Nico Sorocco. I live in Mishawaka, Indiana and I attend Queen of peace  Catholic school. I am in grade six. I am writing a research report about my family heritage. I hope you enjoy reading it.  That is it I also have to say that to my class and it is hard I have tried.Some personal connections I have to the heritage are putting candles in the windows in ireland they would put candles in the windows to welcome mary and joseph as they looked for shelter for baby jesus. Another  thing that I do is hang irish ornaments on our tree. And we also have a irish food dish different every year at christmas at my grandma’s house.