Mobile that will maybe become new trends in

Mobile Technology

Megan Hamilton

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Today mobile technology is a growing market, according to business insider 68% of the UK have a mobile phone and the most percentage of mobile phones that have been bought in the world according to business insider was America which has 72% and is increasingly growing.

This report will outline mobile technology that has been underrated and mobile technology that will maybe become new trends in the upcoming future.

1.0 Terms of Reference

Stephen Colbert has requested Megan Hamilton to write a report on the subject of Mobile Technology. The purpose of this report is to inform the general public of mobile technology that most people would take for granted or not know about the technology that is currently available in the world. The submission date is 27/10/17. 

2.0 Procedures

The research conducted for this report has mainly been researched on the internet by using trusted fact-based websites.

3.0 Findings

3.1 Future Technology

Holographic Display 

Now the thought of phones having a holographic display is awesome but in reality, how close are companies to achieving this touch-free technology on smartphones across the world? Well in 2014 there was a rumour that the unreleased iPhone 6 had the holographic feature. In the demo video it shows a user interacting with the holographic feature but unfortunately, the technology didn’t make onto the iPhone 6 or even the iPhone 7. In the demo video, it shows a user interacting with the holographic feature.  (U Switch, 2016)

Now how does this technology work? 

This technology works by tracking movements of the user’s eyes, the left and right 3D sub-images are adjusted to the tracked eye movements to make a real holographic image.

(Telegraph, n.d.)

Eco-friendly smartphones 

Phone companies are always looking for a way to make their products eco-friendlier and smartphones are no different researchers are looking into “biodegradable and cleaner energy charging” this phone is designed for people who work in outdoor jobs or someone who is going to be away from a power source for an extended period of time like for example campers or skiers etc.

Just three minutes in the sun can give the phone enough power for a phone call, which gives users an emergency option if the phone dies while being away from home. (U Switch, 2016)

3D Touch 

The 3D touch is probably one of the biggest features to be on a mobile phone touchscreen since the pinch-to-zoom, swiping and other major features that is just a assume is normal.

Apple is the first brand to release the 3D technology on a mobile phone, it was launched on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s more sensitive than “force Touch” which is a technology that tells the difference between the levels of pressure being applied to the device, the 3D has been “developed to work using capacitive sensors integrated into the display”.  (How To Geek, n.d.)

Under Rated Technology

The most Features of a mobile phone that is taken for granted is- 


The first ever text message was sent back in 2000, but today most people don’t send text message, if people are sending messages it’s through Facebook or any other social media because those platforms are free to use.


When someone buys a mobile device it automatically comes with location software already built into the phone, which is useful because users can use google maps and through the location, it will already know where the person is. However sometimes having the location software active people can see where the user is even though the user might not want people to know.




Apps are growing increasingly popular in mobile phones, However people usually only use the apps they like or ones they think seem interesting but those apps tend to get deleted quite fast. A recent survey shows that app installs grow only by 6% and at the same time five out of ten apps were used less than ten times.  (Live, n.d.)

Wearable Mobile Technology 

Virtual Reality (VR)

One of the most popular wearable’s is VR which actually only increased in popularity in 2016, it had a boost from Samsung which was giving away free headsets with smartphones that were bought. The VR can deliver virtual content right to the users face, meaning that people can enjoy amazing experiences without leaving the house. (Recombu, n.d.)

Gear Fit2

Another popular wearable is the new Gear Fit2 which is a wristband that connects to the phone it tracks sport and fitness activities, also comes with a built-in GPS system. People can also listen to music from the wristband.  (Samsung, n.d.)

Apple Watch Series Two

Apple also has its one version of the Gear Fit2 but there’s is called the Apple Watch Series Two which is also a wristband, it comes with built-in GPS, resistance up to “50 meters”. The brightness is two times brighter than the other Apple watches. This Apple watch is full of features that can help people stay active, healthy and motivated. This new Apple watch series two is the perfect gadget for a healthy lifestyle.  (Apple, n.d.)

The technology industry has definitely come along way and who knows what is going to be the next big technology craze. 

4.0 Conclusion 

As mobile phones continue to become more popular with generations new technology arises and from the finding of this report is just the beginning. The research has shown possible future mobile technology that one day could be in every house hold.

The research has also shown that technology that has been under rated that everyone takes for granted. 

This report should help educate the general public about future technology and technology that everyone takes for granted.