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       Martin Seligman is frequently called the
“Father of Positive Psychology”. He was born in Albany New York on August 12,
1942. His work has mainly been focused on topics such as depression,
resilience, learned helplessness, positive psychology, optimism and pessimism.
In 1964 he graduated in Philosophy from Princeton University and in 1967 obtained
a PH.D.  in Psychology at the University
of Pennsylvania. He is currently the Zellerbach family professor of psychology
and the director of the positive psychology center at the University of
Pennsylvania. Seligman has written around 20 self –help books and also more
than 250 articles.


Positive Psychology Program B.V

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The characteristics
of Mentally Healthy People are as follow. Someone who is mentally healthy is
able to feel good about themselves, be able to feel comfortable with people, are
able to laugh at themselves and with others, they can make personal decisions,
they will have respect for themselves and for others, they are also able to
accept life’s disappointments, etc.


Copyright 2004, 5th edition, America Institute for Preventive
Medicine. All rights reserved.



play an important role in shaping our everyday life and functions. They are
also known as chemical messengers that are in charge of relaying messages from
our nerve cells to other body cells. One example of this would be the
neurotransmitter Dopamine which is triggered when one has a good/pleasurable
time such as eating, taking drugs or even having sex. Dopamine effects your movements,
emotions and sensations to pleasure and pain. This neurotransmitter is released
in the brain mainly in areas such as the prefrontal cortex. Another example of
a neurotransmitter would be Amino Acids which in this case would be ingested
because your body cannot make them naturally, Amino Acids are used to build
muscle tissue and basically help you mobilize and keep strong they are your
body’s building blocks. Amino Acids conjoin other Amino Acids to work better,
some are used by the liver some run through your blood stream.


Amino Acids

Mental Disorder I have chosen to write about is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
otherwise known as OCD. OCD affects people of all ages in the world we live in.
“This mental disorder occurs when said person gets caught in a cycle of
obsessions and compulsions.” (Clark,
David A.; & Radomsky, Adam S. (2014). Introduction: A global perspective on unwanted
intrusive thoughts. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorder))
OCD is so much more than the urge to fix letters in a certain way or fix colors
in certain ways, OCD is having an obsession with repeating something or doing
something until the person feels like they’ve done it correct. An example of
this would be a person flipping a light switch, they would flip the switch one
time then feel the need to flip it again just to make sure that they actually
flipped it and they do it so much it turns into an obsession, they do it 3
times with their right hand and they must do it three times with their left
hand no matter what. There are also different types of OCD’s such as Intrusive
thoughts, Constant checking, Fear of contamination and Hoarding. The example I gave
previously is an example of constant checking and the person in the example
constantly kept checking to see if they turned off the light properly. One
example of a cause for the mental disorder OCD would be abnormalities in the
neurotransmitter Serotonin, Serotonin regulates many things from anxiety, to
sleep and even memory and as you can see it would be a problem to live with
OCD. Some diagnosis procedures to determine if a person has OCD would be a
physical example this is needed as many patients with Parkinson’s disease can develop
Impulsive behaviors. Another way to diagnose OCD would be to run a lab test
which may include a complete blood count or a check on your thyroid gland’s functions.
A psychological exam or evaluation could be another way of diagnosing OCD
during the evaluation questions will be asked about to you about your thoughts,
feelings and your behavior patterns and with your permission this may include
talking to your friends and family.(
Treatments for OCD varies but it is said that the most effective way to treat
OCD is through Cognitive Behavior Therapy more specifically Exposure and
response prevention, it has the strongest evidence to support the treatments.
The other way to treat is through medicines such as serotonin reuptake


Social Stigma against mental
illness in my Latino Community

When a Latino thinks of mental
illness they have the perception of someone being crazy. People in my community
have the wrong believe about mental illness and this is why they are afraid to
get help from professionals.