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Children are a blessing to couples. When a family has a newborn baby, the choice to have one parent or both of them to stay at home to care for the infant during this crucial period is a family decision. Most people uphold certain principles when it comes to matters that concern their families. For some people, family is a priority. The opinion is that one parent should stay at home when a couple has a newborn baby. There are numerous reasons why it is a good idea for one parent to stop working when a couple has a baby.

The first and the most obvious reason is to save money. It is expensive to hire people for childcare services. Couples spend thousands of dollars to hire competent people to take good care of their children. However, when one parent decides to take up the responsibility of caring for the baby it becomes economical for the family.

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This is an opportunity to save money that would be otherwise spent on hiring people to care for the child. According to statistics, the amount of money spent by ordinary Americans in child care is about $ 4, 500 every year (Hecter and Wetchler 65). Therefore, if one parent was to stay at home to take care of the newborn child, the couple could avoid such expenses.

The second reason why a parent should stay at home when a couple has a newborn baby is because a child needs parental care. It is extremely important for parents to spend time with their children. Caring for a newly born baby is the best gift a parent can give to a child. Taking care of an infant during the first year can have positive outcomes on its development.

Research has shown that children who receive enough parental care during the first two years are likely to perform well in school (Hecter and Wetchler 78). In contrast, children whose parents go back to work within the first year are likely to perform poorly in school.

Alternatively, parents should not stay at home when they have babies. No matter what, bills and taxes must be paid. Because of this, a couple should continue working even after they have a newborn baby. Children are extremely demanding during the first one or two years and therefore, both parents should work to earn money to meet the baby’s needs.

Undoubtedly, raising a child is an extremely rewarding job, and parents who decide to stay at home enjoy the benefit of spending more time with their children. However, it can be extremely boring to stay at home with a newborn baby. To be fully occupied, a parent should try to work part time by doing freelance jobs and other house chores such as cleaning and cooking. By doing part time jobs, a parent will have an opportunity to earn extra income.

In summary, it is the choice of a couple to decide whether to work during the first year (or two years) when they have a baby. There is no particular answer that can work for couples, but it is important to keep in mind that staying at home to take care of a baby is beneficial. This is because it can help save money and provide an opportunity to spend more time with a child, which is the best gift any parent can give a child.

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