Malaysia was an theme between Jesus and Satan.

Malaysia Woods December 16, 20172 page paper  The Great Controversy In my paper I’m going to be talking about the Great Controversy. I’m going to tell you the history about it the Great Controversy. I’m also going to give you the definition. This paper also going to tell you who came up with the Great Controversy. There it was a funeral in Ohio in 1858 Of March in the Lovett’s Grove public school. Where the Great Controversy was about and between Christ and his angels and Satan and his angels. Days later Satan had tried to take Ellen’s life . She might known what was presented to others that had been revealed to her. She had wrote out description about that scenes that had went on. That was published in 1858. The Great Controversy is a book that was by Ellen White. Ellen was one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist church. The book was an theme between Jesus and Satan. When Satan was an angel from the beginning to the end when they saw who was faithful to God. The reason for this book is, because Ellen said that she had seen  the Great Controversy ten years ago and it’s repeating and she wanted to write about it. The book really shows how God was leading them into the right direction and through the led movement and preparing them for the end. The way he describe it was events that will be happening in the Christian churches and in the world before Jesus return. The Great Controversy is dealing with a war between the good and the evil. It’s also dealing with diseases, hatred, violence and also death. Satan wanted gods positions, but he didn’t want his character. Satan’s also wanted Gods authority, but didn’t want his love. Satan had used the same argument over and over and that’s how it lead to his downfall. Ezekiel 28:12 it represents pagans kings of Tyre and Babylon. But when you read it it talks about and give details that go beyond these ancient. It also points to the origin and the fall of Satan. Revelation 12:7-9 talks about what happens after his death and resurrection. Revelation is a description of the attack to Satan’s that good uses for struggles. Revelation is dealing with war in heaven. Christ had discovered his church on to earth to proclaim the lost of good news of salvation and humanity. But Satan wants to weaken it and destroyed it. Matthew 13:24 talks about the parable that he put forth to them. “The kingdom of heaven is liken to a man that showed good seed in his field. The first four parables was contained that were spoken to a crowd on the beach and the last three was in the house of disciples. Daniel 2, 4-7 is talking about their dreams he actually threats them saying if they don’t tell him their dreams he’s going to cut them into pieces, and the house will be turned into piles of rubble. Satan had said that god was being untrustworthy and unfair that’s another reason why satan wanted to go against good, because he felt like he wasn’t getting the same treatment, better yet Satan wanted to be higher than what he is. God treated everybody the same. Satan just wanted more than others. Then that’s when Satan start going against god and doing bad things so that he could be in front of God or better than him. So Satan constantly argue with him until god got tired of him.When dealing with the Great Controversy you either on one side or the other. No one can really be neutral. When dealing with this you like for example of the side you’re on god side or the devil. Who want to be on the devil side anyways. I feel like if you’re going to chose a side be on god side, because that’s where the positive vibes is at. Who want to be with the devil knowing you will have to fight against the lord you going to have to go by the devils rules, and them rules are bad vibes. As for me I wouldn’t want to be doing bad things at all. Being on god side is only right. You get your blessing for doing the right thing. Sometimes you wonder why bad things happen to good people and you still be thinking like god is a good god why doesn’t he always help when bad things happen to you. It’s so easy to believe in god when things are going good. When things bad happen it’s so hard to believe that god is on your side. Most people go through his all the time and be wanting to question good but it’s not right to question him. You really can’t find a good answer. For these question because god find himself in own his own. It will come as a surprise that god was once faced with dilemma. In conclusion in this paper gave you the history about the Great Controversy. I also talk about how Satan went against God. This paper also tells you that the Great Controversy is an exposition of history from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. It was written by Ellen White one of the founders. It is the truth of Adventist doctrines. This book is very interesting and it will catch anybody attention.