Live streaming is the biggest social media marketing

Live streaming is the biggest social media marketing trend in the present digital world. From a couple of years itself, popular social sites like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube have been encouraging their users to go for live streaming, and broadcast their activities and events.

From detailing complex products in real-time to hosting webinars & conferences, this ongoing phenomenon is the evolution of traditional video marketing strategy. Top players in ecommerce industry are seriously considering live streaming as an important tool for attracting and engaging customers. It’s the affordable way to build a brand as well.

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In fact, live content gets three times engagement than pre-recorded videos, and videos get 1200% more shared than image or text posts on social media. Interestingly, 54% of people purchase from a brand after viewing their live stream.

One of the effective ways is to promote live demonstrations which instruct consumers on how to use the product and know its advantages. Some live-stream apps with chat features, allow consumers to interact live by asking their queries or leave comments that the host will answer or respond back. This entire live-stream can be watched by everyone who owns the concerned application.

In a similar way, this revolutionary concept can introduce new products or extensions of the old ones. It’s just like how television channels promote products by telecasting commercials/advertisements on their behalf.

Through live-streaming, a product can be officially launched, showcased how it works, clear information on variants & colours, and even guide the customer through the purchasing process. If this activity relates to your target audience, they might just tune in to witness the video and that’s enough to gradually raise the customer engagement.

When the business assists potential customers to fulfill a task or learn a new skill, they may naturally reciprocate with both loyalty and purchases.

Major social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the clear leaders when it comes to free platforms for live streaming. While there are multiple alternatives, both existing and arising, most ecommerce companies are concentrating on the above four to generate traction in live streaming.

Live feeds in Twitter are most popular with B2B players who stream snippets of short content from conferences and events. While YouTube is mostly used for recording live vlogs & webinars, Facebook and Instagram can be termed as effective live-streaming opportunities for your ecommerce brand.

With the potential to become a crucial element of any ecommerce product strategy, the benefits of live streaming like brand building, customer engagement and increased conversion are undeniable. Coming to this New Year, every ecommerce player should focus on building a live streaming presence to be at the forefront of sales and marketing trends.