Legal Rights of a Person Who is a Hindu by Conversion

They also entered into an agreement that they shall be, henceforth, governed by Mitakshara Law. A son, Ponnuswami, was born of this marriage. After that the relationship between Perumal and Annapazham was strained. Son and mother lived separately from Perumal.

Ponnuswamy, then minor, acting through mother filed a suit against father for half of the share in the property. Perumal contended that his marriage with Annapazham was illegal as she was Christian and Ponnuswami brought up her can’t claim Joint family rights. The Supreme Court held that her acceptance to the marriage in Hindu form itself was the proof of conversion.

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She continued to live as a Hindu even after. It has been held that if a person expresses his/her intention to become a Hindu followed by the conduct of community or caste taking into the fold of which he/she is ushered accepts him/her as a member, then he/she is considered Hindu. No formal ceremonies to effectuate conversion are required.

In Mohandas v. Devaswom Board, 1975 KLT 55, Jesudas, famous play back singer, was a catholic Christian by birth. He used to render devotional music in a Hindu temple and used to worship the presiding diety. He also filed a declaration stating that he was the follower of Hindu faith. It has been held that such a bonafide declaration amounts to his acceptance of Hindu faith and becomes a Hindu by conversion.