La The Movie is about two unlikely

La Land, was produced by Gary
gilbert, Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz and Marc E. Platt. It stars Emma Stone as Mia and Ryan
Gosling as Sebastian. The Movie is about two unlikely people who find love in
eachother while trying to each follow their individual dreams.

It shows how hard it can be to have love and follow your dreams if its
holding you back. Something that is more commonly a problem then most thinks it

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            Emma Stone plays the
party of a girl aspiring to be an actress working on a coffee shop on warner
brother studios. Ryan Gosling plays the part of a talented pianist who wants to
be something more than just a set list player. The Story starts off a hot
summer day in Los Angeles stuck in traffic. Mia while looking at something
doesn’t move her car causing the car behind her to become impatient and goes
around her honking. Little did we or they both know they would later find
themselves very fawn of eachother. Later on, while at a party Mia decides to go
home on her way home she hears music and goes in to discover the honking man
was playing the music she fell in love with. Meanwhile Sebastian is not playing
the right set list and is playing his own music causing him to get terminated
once again from this restaurant. Mia trying to complement him about his music
gets blown off by a steamed Sebastian. They later found eachother again at a
party Mia was attending and Sebastian was playing at. AS their lives go on
while dating they find it harder to be together once Sebastian starts playing
in a band with a former friend and they barely see eachother. They agree to go
their separate ways which tears them both apart but they both have dreams they
need to follow. 5 years later Mia and her husband find themselves stuck in los
Angeles traffic. They decide to pull off for some dinner and on a walk, they
decide to go down in a night club. Mia then realizes it’s the Night club
Sebastian always wanted to open with the name she came up with. They then see
eachother right before he’s about to play. While Sebastian then goes to play we
see all over again how their future would have turned out if they would have
stayed together and not followed their dreams. 


La land is a very interesting movie anyone could really enjoy and catch
themselves falling for.  The movie is
very inspired. I agree with a review done by Danielle Solzman stating “To call La La Land
amazing would be an understatement. Damien Chazelle’s new LA-

set music is absolute perfection.” I would recommend the movie
to anyone who wants to watch a good relatable movie and also loves musicals.