Knowledge or Where? Secondly, we need to do

Knowledge is all the facts you need to know about an entity or event and we use scientific methods to access information also we should prove our research with experiments.


When I think what is the science is, I can say it is everything, because we use science all over our lives. For example, at school, in the lab, shopping and in our daily life; we use science and scientific method. In shopping, we determine the product we buy, after that we observing, where and how much we are researching also we buy what is appropriate in the direction of the results we have. In addition to this, we use the scientific methods in the labs by trial and error, using formula and convert theoretical knowledge to practice.

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There are many ways we can get through science. With the way we will follow with them, we can reach the result very quickly. When we use these methods, it goes through specifying some sequence. The Scientific Method begins when you make an inquiry about something that you watch: How, What, When, Who, Which, Why, or Where? Secondly, we need to do research using libraries or the internet to find answers to questions and we should make assumptions by setting a hypothesis. Moreover, test the hypothesis using experiments, and then create an analysis to access to the result. Finally, share your results with the community.


Last of all, scientific methods make our life easier and it is an important fact that we use every part of our life.