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Cabinets Union County


Cabinets play significant roles in defining the looks and functionality of your kitchen. If you have a cabinet that is old or not in a good shape, then your kitchen may lack what it could achieve in appearance and functionality.

Kitchen cabinets can be made from various materials. Yet wood remains the top option for decades.  Among the wide range of materials, the most common are wood, laminate, stainless steel, melamine, acrylic and thermo foil cabinets. With nine-tenths of cabinets made up of wood in the country, ‘Creative Countertops’ has focused on providing custom wood cabinet service as well in New Jersey. With our custom cabinet service concentrated to Union County, Middlesex County, Essex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Somerset County and Bergen County.

By visiting our showroom, you can browse our collection of products and ensure you get the best one. The staffs in ‘Creative Countertops’ will work on everything from helping you decide on right kind of cabinets and countertops to diagramming of your kitchen and bathrooms to installation and repair. With a wide range of cabinets and countertops options, you can see why ‘Creative Countertops’ is the most popular cabinets and countertops store in Union County.

Custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Our team at ‘Creative Countertops’ manufactures wood cabinets and countertops that go beyond your expectations. We use suitability and skill when determining cabinetries to fit in your home. Our custom kitchen cabinets will meet your needs and enhance the room. With finishes available in traditional, French, Vintage, Tuscan and more, our cabinets will have limited lifetime warranty.

Need custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Union County or somewhere else in New Jersey? Reach to us to get the best one around.