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Joseph TamerMechanical Engineering    Ever since I was little I was interested in how the world works. I do not want to just learn a specific job, but rather learn a set of concepts or ways of thinking that can be applied in many different ways, concepts that can aid in problem-solving, innovating, and making new discoveries. Education never stops, it is a continuous stream of information and ideas, whether in the classroom or in the real world such as a job, it is important to try and understand as much as possible. Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest of all the engineering fields in terms of application, from aircrafts to manufacturing plants to medical devices even to nanotechnology. Mechanical Engineering has led to so many discoveries and inventions that benefit the world. I would like to study Mechanical Engineering at Lawrence Technological University because it has such a highly respected Mechanical Engineering program as well as many other highly respected scientific programs. Both receiving a good education and obtaining a job are very important. Lawrence Tech not only gives a good education but works with both students and employers to help students get jobs after graduation. After getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a job thereafter, I would like to further my education with a master’s degree. At the moment I am unsure of what master I would like to get, but I have narrowed it down to either one in Mechanical Engineering or an MBA with the possibility of a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering after that. After graduation at some point, I also intend to take the Professional Engineer’s exam in order to get a Professional Engineer Licence. I also would like to gain more knowledge of the theories and applications pertaining to my career through professional organizations such as American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or Michigan Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE).