John Wrington Somerset England and died on October

John Locke was a radical English
philosopher; he was born on August 29, 1632 in Wrington Somerset England and
died on October 28, 1704 in Essex United Kingdom. Because his father was a
lawyer and military man he had the opportunity to attend to the best schools,
he first went to the Westminster school, after that he went to the Christ
Church and finally he joined the prestigious university of Oxford, where he
studied medicine which played an important role in his life.


John Locke is one of the first and most
important founders of the modern Philosophical empiricism and political
liberalism, that’s why he is known as the Father of Liberalism. He made many
important contributions to the history especially in the politics, and how the
governments should rule. In 1689 he published one of his most important works,
The Two Treatises of Government in which he stated that all people have the
same natural rights of life, liberty, and property. Locke also stated that the
primary purpose of the government is to protect these natural rights, and they
hold their power only with the consent of the people, and people can overthrow
them if they are not protecting their rights. Locke said “Revolt is the right of the people”

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John Locke’s contributions had a
historically significant because his ideas and beliefs inspired many Thinkers
of the Enlightenment; his ideas were also the point of inspiration of the
revolutionary movements around the world, in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.
American revolutionaries such as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James
Madison, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine used Locke’s
ideas to ask for independence of the United States from England. The Europeans
people like the French revolutionaries were also inspired
by John Locke’s beliefs about the government. When Thomas Jefferson wrote the
declaration of the independence he included many of John Locke’s ideas such as
the Right of life, liberty and property he only changed property by the pursuit of happiness. His idea about a social
contract between the Government and the people were also included to the U.S.


Locke’s ideas and
theories still have many impacts in our today’s society, there are people
around the world today that are still struggling for their rights, and the
majority of the democratic governments have a contract with their citizens,
which keep the balance of their powers. Most of the constitutions of the
democratic societies include the three principles of John Locke.