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John Scopes was a high school science teacher in Tennessee. Scopes was involved in the “Monkey Trial” because he was accused of teaching evolution. A law was passed that prior March making it illegal to “teach any theory that denies the story of Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.” ( Lindbergh was the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean non stop. Other pilots have flown across the Atlantic but none of have done it alone and nonstop, like LindenberghDuke Ellington had a huge impact not only on jazz music but on music as a whole. Ellington did one main thing that separated him from other composers during this time, he wrote music that pointed out skills of his soloist and bandsman. Unlike other composers during this time that tried to make many instruments in one voice. Duke Ellington was a perfect example of modern jazz and what jazz transcended to be.Jack Dempsey was a former heavyweight champion that lost his belt to Gene Tunney in a match that is remembered as “The Long Count.”  The matches referee was Dave Barry and he should have counted out Tunney in the second round making Dempsey the winner, but Jack Dempsey ignored the fact that he had to neutral corners giving Tunney a few seconds before the count started. Dave Barry had to escort Dempsey to his corner then started a count and Tunney got to his feet before he reached ten. Prohibition encourage organized crime in many ways the one major way was the unemployment it causes. Because of the prohibition closure of all alcohol-related businesses and industries were closed forcing people to find another way to provide for their family.  Many people went to gangsterism which was a dangerous but easy and well-paying job. Also, the people as a whole turned to more criminal activity and famous gangsters such as Al Capone and John Dillinger became famous. Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald met at a country club in Montgomery, Alabama. F. Scott fell head over heels for Zelda he proposed to her as soon as he discharged from the Army in February 1919, but she did have doubts because her fiance wasn’t rich and it wasn’t promised that he was going to be famous. Money and fame eventually came but so did the problems like alcoholism, mutual infidelity, and jealousy. Their marriage was so bad and the two were so disconnected that Zelda accused F.Scott of having a homosexual relationship with his friend Ernest Hemingway. Even though they were never divorced when F. Scott died they were estranged.Marcus Garvey wanted to link together the United States of America, the Caribbean, and Central America with stops in Africa. The purpose of this was for African Americans to exchange services and goods around the Atlantic, also the Black Star Steamship Line was made for blacks to return to Africa. The ships were all owned and operated by blacks, one of the ship’s name was SS Frederick Douglas.( Also the Black Star Line was a symbol of pride and this caused the Universal Negro Improvement Association to gain more members. Al Capone was a good influence, especially to the Italian Americans. Capone was known in the eyes of Italian Immigrants, as a community leader. He was very popular with some of the schools because of the things he did for them. For example, he started a program that provided milk to school children in the Chicago area, in order to fight a disease called rickets that softened bones. Al Capone also gave the kids alcohol provided through his speakeasies because they needed it to survive. Capone also opened soup kitchens for the less fortunate during the Great Depression. Capone also was a negative influence. Many people thought of Al Capone as a violent murderer. His criminal history began with a man named Johnny Torrio running errands and doing little jobs for him. After a while, Torrio recommended Capone to a friend of his Frankie Yale.  Capone became a bouncer in one of Yale’s, which introduced him to the life of crime. While working at the bar Al Capone earned his name Scarface when he insulted a customer and got slashed three times in the face. Around 1920 Capone moved to Chicago with his family because Johnny Torrio begged him too. While in Chicago Prohibition had begun and Torrio had the great idea of opening up speakeasies, bars that sold illegal alcohol (, and he wanted Capone to manage them. Henry Ford changed the face of industry and manufacturing with two main inventions, the Model T, and the assembly line. The Model T was not the first car made, but it was the first one made affordable for the everyday person. Ford used his background in being a farmer to make the car. In the article, Henry Ford, the man Who Changed America Carol Davis quotes Bob Casey and he said,”He had been a farmer and thought, ‘What would farmers buy? Something cheap, reliable, easy to maintain, with high ground clearance. And that’s a Model T.” Henry Ford understood if he wanted to be different from the competition he had to make an affordable car. Most of the cars around this time were around $2,000 but the Model T was only $850, and by the early 1920’s was under $300.  The other invention that Henry Ford made that changed the face of industry and manufacturing in the United States is the assembly line. On December 1, 1913, Henry Ford installed the first assembly line for mass production of an automobile. The reason he made the assembly line is because he wanted to have an even more affordable car, Ford wanted about everyone to own one. So, the assembly line was made; the assembly line made cars quicker than ever before. Before, the assembly line it took more than 12 hours to make one car, but with the assembly line, a car was made in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. In February 1914, Henry Ford added a mechanized belt that moved at six feet per second ( Although, the Model T did not last much past the mid-1920’s Henry Ford changed the face of industry and manufacturing forever. Ford’s ideas still are used today though, like the assembly line. Many industries use the assembly line, for example, the meatpacking industry and the auto industry. Although they still use the assembly line it is a much-improved assembly line than what Ford created. Assembly lines now are fully automatic and only requires only human interaction at the end of the line. The assembly line is very useful because without it the world could barely function. From fast food chains to automobile plants everywhere they use the invention from Henry Ford, the assembly line.