John in Houston, Texas so he realize that

John F Kennedy talks in the body of his speech
about technology, knowledge and discovery. So in the beginning of his speech he
plans the audience for the bold ambitions he will say later. He uses long and powerful strong allegory “10 years
ago, he states, man learned to write, and less than
two months ago, the steam engine was developed. Therefore, should American
spacecraft successfully soon reach Venus and American astronauts land on the
Moon, we will have “literally reached the stars before midnight tonight”.
Kennedy gives his speech at the Rice University in Houston,
Texas so he realize that he is
speaking to students and scientist, who understand the profundity and contend
of his speech.

John F Kennedy keeps on his speech on
asking question that himself answer. For example “why do we climb the highest
mountain? Why fly the Atlantic? And “why does
Rice play Texas?”
he say “It is not because it is easy, it is not because it quickly achievable,
but rather because it is challenging. “We go to the moon in this decade,” says
Kennedy “not because it is easy, but because it is hard… because the goal
organizes and measures the best of American energy and skill.” Every
times when he end a points, Kennedy build pauses and breaks between his main
line, so the audience can digested what he is saying.

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also makes the audience laugh and offering them time to laugh. When the audience
laughs he makes breaks, in order to provide a good atmosphere. So we can see
that President Kennedy always looked for the connection between him and the audiences.

president Kennedy convinces the Americans that the taxes the American are pay
will be instantly supporting the creation for space technology.

negative aspect was that he doesn’t look to the audience and always looking in
to the paper. Kennedy doesn’t look to the audience and his body’s flow was in
tune with his voice, he always raises his hand when he also raises his