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Japan is known as one of the most peaceful country all over the world. But this country has the reputation of having one of the highest suicide rate in the world. Rupert(2014) stated that, 25,000 people committed suicide in Japan, which means on average 70 Japanese committed suicide every single day. The number of suicide of male are about 71 percent and it is the leading cause of death is men aged 20 to 44. Though the  rate of suicide in Japan is higher than other countries ,government and families are not taking initials to overcome this problem. Firstly, The train tragedy of Japan is a very popular incident of suicide of that region. According to the Rupert BBC Journal (2015), A 71 year old man set himself on fire and killed himself. Police and media investigated the case and found the reason is living alone and having no job. He collected the aluminum cans and sold them for recycling. Thus he was leading his life. Abandoned by his family caused him taking decision to commit suicide. It is just one reason of committing suicide in Japan. Almost 50 other reasons have listed for suicidal incident in Japan. Another reasons of suicides are unemployment, periods of economic stagnation or recession and social pressure, losing jobs etc. The top reason of suicide in Japan is depression. Therefore, not only isolating technology making young people more worse but also the financial pressure persuading them more to choose sentenced himself forever. According to the Rupert journals says Mr. Nishida, ” Young people are moulded to fit in to a very small box, they have no way to express their true feelings and If they feel under pressure from their boss and get depressed  some feel the only way out is to die”. Many experts think that the suicide rate is very much higher than it is published in public. After that to researching about the reasons behind this is financial pressure. A huge type of deaths are never being investigated by police. According to Ken Joseph, the almost universal practice of cremating bodies here also means that any evidence is quickly destroyed. Highest suicidal incident occurring in Japan is also because of isolating technology. People of there are very self-centered and there does not have many ways of expressing the depression and frustration. Those things isolates these people and lead them to commit suicide.In addition, Japanese people doing overwork in their workplace. Due to the extend overwork in their workplace employees were gradually getting more mentally stress and devoted in depression.McCurry stated that, More than 2,000 Japanese killed themselves due to work-related stress in the year to March 2016, according to the government, while dozens of other victims died from heart attacks, strokes and other conditions brought on by spending too much time at work. The Japanese lady Matsuri Takahashi was 24 and she killed by herself in april 2015. After that the investigators were find out that her main reason for death caused  stress brought by long working hours. Research shows that Japanese employees work significantly longer hours than their counterparts in the US, Britain and other developed countries. Japan employees used, on average, only 8.8 days of their annual leave in 2015, less than half their allowance, according to the health ministry. That compares with 100% in Hong Kong and 78% in Singapore. On the other hand, Japan’s suicide rate is falling because of the measures taken by the government. But there is much more to do. The government report, released Tuesday, found that of the 3,000 people surveyed aged 20 and over, nearly 50 per cent admit they would struggle to seek help from others if they were stressed out. Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. So having the highest rate of suicide is not a good reputation for this country. Though the situation is changing but there’s lot more to for the government and the people around the victim. People of Japan should try to not committing suicide though the situation is too much hard. Also the the government should ensure the daily essential commodities in a reasonable price. There should have some specific rules and regulations for overworking.In conclusion, If we tried to figure  out why people do suicide some possible reasons are loneliness, not having satisfaction with life and family pressure, expensive lifestyle, highly disappointed with life style, not having dreams and expectations. Those kind of people try to hide himself from society and close people so, they work hard to keep himself busy with work. Japan is the country where every year most people commit suicide for over work and depression. To solve this problem government should make some more harder rule to prevent the intention of over working. Social media should publish more awareness to demotivate them. Government should keep watching in every company where people working more. Finally, Everybody should understand  the bad effect of over working in  our health. References:Rupert Wingfield-Hayes(3 July 2015). Why does Japan have such a high suicide rate? Retrieved from : http://www.bbc.com/news/world-33362387Iwasaki, k.,Takahashi,M, Nakata, A .(2006, August 17). Health problem due to long working hour in japan working hours worker compensation ‘karoshi and preventive measures.        Retrieved from JstorMcCurry, J. (2017, October 05). Japanese woman ‘dies from overwork’ after logging 159 hours       of overtime in a month. Retrieved January 17, 2018, from:https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/05/japanese-woman-dies-overwork-159-hours-overtimeOtake, T. (Ed.). (n.d.). 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