Jake suicide. The dynamics and how powerful the

Jake Runestad was born on May 20th, 1986 in Rockford, Illinois. After high school Runestad studied music at Easter Illinois University. He went to Easter Illlinois University in 2005 and 2005. From 2005 to 2009 he got his degree in music from Winiona State University. Starting in 2009 and endind in 2011 he earned his masters degree in music compostition from John Hopkins University. I chose the first piece to be “Please Stay” by Jake Runestad. The reason I chose this piece was that the title made me curious about what the song is about. “Please Stay” is an anthem for hope and an attempt to make everyone aware of mental illnesses and challenge all of us to support those who are battling depression and thoughts of suicide. The dynamics and how powerful the beginning of this song really stood out to me the first time I listened to it. This piece makes me think of how many lives are lost because of suicide each and every year.”Please Stay” is written for Soparnos, altos, tenors, and basses, and is written in English. The instuments that this song includes is piano. The tempo tends to change within the piece, and this song is definetly a more sad type of song. Jake Runestad wrote this song because of high numbers of suicide and he said, “In 2013, suicide took the lives of 41,149 people in the USA alone. Depression affects about 20 million people in the USA, 350 million worldwide. Mental health disorders are serious issues in our culture and it is important that we have open conversation about their existence and that we show support to those who are battling them” (source).The second piece I chose from Jake Runestad was “Alleluia”. I chose this piece because I really enjoy the energy of this piece and the clapping in the middle, and the ending to this song is the best part. The dynamics in this song also stand out to me, and the change of temp later on in the song. This piece makes me think of a church group from some reason. “Alleluia” is written for sopranos, altos, bases, and tenors. This song does not have any accompanists and is sang accapella. The song alternates between fast and slow tempos, and the song sounds happy in the begginning but by the end the song slows down and sounds more sad. It is written in English.