It back here again even though it’s just

It has been a few years since the horrifying incident at Hiroshima
took place. This bombing was catastrophic. The sight was painful to see, the whole
of Hiroshima seemed to have disappeared. I’m glad to be back here again even
though it’s just for a day. I made sure I was one of the reporters to cover this
story. Hiroshima was finally safe enough for reconstruction, but it looks as
disastrous and broken as it did the day I left the city. I have a sick feeling
in my stomach, I can’t seem to put into words the horror before my eyes. Nothing
remained in this shattered city except very few constructions made of strengthened
concrete. Vast areas of this once beautiful city were wiped out, Hiroshima seemed
more like a desert now. People were still petrified that something like this
would happen again. I feel fortunate to have survived but living with the after
effects of this terror and watching my home being ruined this way was not easy
to live with. I remember how I felt right after the bombing happened. Knowing my
family was not in the country during this tragedy was a relief for me but
seeing the agony on the survivors faces who lost their families broke my heart.
I did lose friends very dear to me in this violence and the pain of dealing
with the loss of such wonderful people ate me alive every single day. I felt miserable
watching the unpleasant condition of the city wondering how the US government ordered
for something this dreadful. Thousands of lives were lost, families were ripped
apart, survivors could not get over the shock of the incident and generations
after us would get affected and suffer due to the radiation present in the survivors’
body. All this just to attempt to put an end to the world war? Why did innocent
people have to go through such painful deaths for peace among countries? My
heart was shattered into a thousand pieces. This place was my home, I grew up
here and now there’s hardly anything left of it. I remember the ice cream parlour
right opposite my house that I would go to everyday with my brother, the huge Thai
restaurant that my friends and I would visit at least once in two weeks where
we’d reminisce our college days and make the most of each other’s company, there
was no evidence of any of these places anymore, just barren land. All these
memories made me so nostalgic. As I stood there looking at my wrecked city with
a crushed heart, 3 years later, I realised that because of those cruel people,
this place would never feel like home again. I made my report and rushed out of
there as soon as I could because I couldn’t stand another moment there. I’m on
the way back to China now and it breaks my heart to admit that that is my home