International goals to accelerate development within countries and

International cooperation has been emerging in this
global world to raise living standards, environment, health, education, and
development especially in least developed countries after early twenties
century. Currently, different organizations Asian Development Bank, World Bank,
World Health Organization, and others organizations formulate various kinds of
strategies and funds to reduce the gap between developed or under developed nations.
International cooperation is the relationship between two or more different
nations having common goals to accelerate development within countries and made
to harmonize legislation which helps to encourage them for cooperation. National
development is ability of country to improve welfare of people. This essay
argues that international relationship does not threaten national development.
This will be supported by analyzing the following points. Firstly, international
collaboration leads to social development of nation. Secondly, international cooperation
promotes national economy.

The social development of
a nation can be promoted in least developed countries by international
cooperation. This is because international relationships help to create vital
environment for development of nation. Firstly, these collaborations between
different countries can be effective tools to share, strengthen and extend
health action within nations. According to Lin et al (2016, pp.2-3) shows that,China
as a global health donors , in 2009 invested about 37.5 billion USD in Africa
which increased to 2 billion USD in 2016 design for African Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.In addition,in 2014,about 43 Chinese medical team was
sent to Africa who provide training to over 300 manpowers,supply medicines,constructed
30 hospitals and invested about 123.9million USD in medical instruements by
granting forum on China -Africa Cooperation(FOCAC). This evidence shows that FOCAC
acts as central role to assess health aid to Africa for  quality of health services.Moreover,the
citizens of Africa are victim of infectious diseases in including malaria,HIV/AIDs
and others due to ignorance,illeteracy,lack of trained manpower and accessibility
to health services.In addition,such  assistance of China helps to to Africa helps
in fulfillment of gaps on health system that leads to healthy relationship
between two countries.So, Africa also export oil and other natural resources to
China which helps in national development.Secondly, international cooperation
helps to promote higher education  in
developing countries.Research by Abimbola et al(2015,pp.105,106) into
Australian scholarship on higher education shows that between 2000 and
2012,42%respondents completed their higher education degree earlier(2000-2007)
which increased to 60% respondent completed their education in between
2008-2012(p109) awarded by national government ,supranational organisations and
charitable foundation in Australia.This data indicates that higher number of
students of Africa getting scholarship in Australia which helps to meet human
resources on policy making and development of rural communities on their own
countries.Moreover,students holding degrees convey positive message in their
countries and create diplomatic relationship with Australia In addition,despite
of working in Australia,returnee scholarship can contribute more in their  native countries and may have more job

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The economic growth of
the nation is enhanced by international collaboration.This is because
international collaboration helps to promote Gross Domestic Products by
establishing trades and business in under developed countries.Firstly,economic
development of nation can be achieved through international trade
system.According to Han Y & Mah J(2015p.)shows that between 2000 and
2010,increased in GDP,from 14.1trillion riel to 47.0 trillion riel in Cambodia
which granted garment in USA and European Union(EU).In addition the study also
finds that in between 2000-2010 agriculture rose by 31% where as manufacture
increased by 63%.This data represents that 
rise in GDP subsequently increased export and import of goods. Furthermore,
rise in trade  increases tax and revenue through
supply of raw materials of garments, construction and agriculture in USA and EU
helps in merging of business leads to more job opportunities.In addition despite
more people having employment which finally decreases poverty and helps in
national development of least developed countries.Secondly,international aid
increase economic development  in least
developed countries.According to Liu X,Zhang X & Chao C (2014,pp435) into
relationship between international aid and income of  both recipient and donor nations.After world
war ,the effect of foreign aid on growth of economy in least developed
countries.This data suggests that the recipient economy can be affected by price
levels,employment rate,trade and income.Moreover,economic development achieved

In conclusion,it is clear
that international cooperation promotes social and economical development among
nations.The aids invested  on health by
highly developed countries to least developed countries for their
infrastructure,skilled manpower and healthier life.Futhermore,education plays an
vital role for overall development of countries and funds provided to least developed
countries helps to fulfil their gaps and plays significant role in raising economy,employment
and improving social changes.Therefore argument is clear that international cooperetion
does not threatens national development.For this modern era of globalization,it
is recommended that every donor and reciepient nation should have harmonious relationship
between them.