Introduction to successes of such a project. Besides,


International alliances involves close association of countries or states which is normally created with an aim to integrate and develop common goals such as trade, peace or even improve issues of national security (

State-building on the other hand is a concept that “describes the construction of a functioning state” ( This approach of developing countries has been used historically in many countries in many States in Western Europe especially during the nineteenth century (

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These two concepts are interconnected in that an association between a country and other countries what is commonly known as international alliance usually creates a dilemma in trying to solve the notion of state-building. The following discussion will analyze these two concepts in Afghanistan country which happens to be our case of focus in this paper.


Afghanistan as a country has been under a crisis of war for a period of about two decades which ended shortly after the fall of a rebel group popularly known as the Taliban. Notably, a big population of the Afghanistan citizen in fact over one million civilians died during the war in addition to other factors that have been affecting the countries since then (

Besides, Afghanistan has over the years been affected by disasters such as famine that affected the agriculture sector that caused severe personal loss and loss of life. In addition to this, there was the problem with mine explosions that were scattered everywhere which caused great damage to roads and irrigation canals consequently causing human displacement for million of the Afghanistan population and destroying the infrastructure (

As a result of this crisis, Afghanistan became temporary non-functional since the administrative system was paralyzed in terms of “policy making, service delivery and revenue collection” ( Because of these challenges, the citizens and the government of Afghanistan together with other countries made a commitment to make the necessary changes in order to rebuild Afghanistan State with the help of US government which facilitated the reconstruction of the country by funding it (

Since then, there have been a lot of attempts to restore the Afghanistan State to its original form after the war crisis. With a lot of structures having been destroyed, the post-war reconstruction program was launched in 2001 funded by the US government that offered international assistance to the Afghanistan State because it was economically unable to rebuild itself especially due to international sanctions that it was also facing at the time (

To some extent there has been some progress of state-building in Afghanistan but as a result of numerous challenges, the program has deteriorated over years. The major challenges facing Afghanistan are issue to do with poor governance, corruption, lack of accountability and insecurity poor security (


State building as a program should be addressed with a lot of concern putting into consideration all the challenges that might arise during its implementation. Mostly, there is conflict of ideas between the stakeholders and this poses many challenges to successes of such a project. Besides, any concerned government should intervene in order to address issues of accountability or transparency which usually hampers the success of the State building process; this is why a State cannot be build.

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