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    In America there are currently 41 million but did you know that 27% of immigrants make up California.In this Essay about Immigration i will explain the 4 waves of US immigration. Once we understand immigration we will begin to see that The United States of America is a big Country made up of immigrants.  No bold needed. (Pre and First wave)In the pre 1790 America the first people to come to America were Vikings they were in America five hundred years before Christopher Columbus and other Conquistadors/Explorers there really wasn’t that much vikings there were only four or five then after they came they established a settlement. Soon after Christopher came and then everyone heard about America and they started to come here the reason everyone came or wanted to come here was for political and religious rights.Most people the made up the population in the 1790’s were English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, German, and Africans they were slaves.They took jobs like Germans were craftsmen, Scottish were working in train tracks and ect.   Immigrants came here from Europe and Asia. Europeans were coming here because of a famine and asians came here to find jobs. But then americans were like hey the more immigrants that come here the less jobs we have so then they turned against the asians they used propaganda there was a political party named the know-nothings that were against immigration and immigrants that were already here. But before the racism and all that immigration was doing great a lot of people came here but then the civil war started and immigration was really low.So the third wave was a immigration of countries from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Southern and Eastern Europe, and from Canada this event was called “opening the door” I really didn’t know what to call it besides event, this “event” was called the “open door” because America opened up to immigrants from everywhere but a couple years later they “close the door” now they denied immigrants only few made it through Ellis Island and into New York.Ellis Island if your wondering is a immigration center were at first was just medical check up and organize papers and you’re in but if you have a medical and don’t pass if you either stay there for a week or weeks to see if they can cure it if not your back to your country.Once they entered the city the ether reunited with the family living in the city or toke to train to where a family member lived.But soon after immigrants started getting hated on and then there were groups like the kkk and other groups. (the low point of immigration)There was a really low point in immigration that was 1930-1965 that was the time that when the Great Depression started and no one wanted to come to a country thats depressed so that was the first out of two things that made people not want to come here the other was the start of World war 2. The Fourth wave was from 1965 to now 2017 or whatever year you’re reading this.There were over 4 million Mexicans, over 1 million from the Philippines, over 700 thousand koreans, over 700 thousand from the Dominican Republic, over 700 thousand Indians from India of course, over 700 thousand from Cuba, 700 thousand from Vietnam, and over 600 thousand from Canada. I don’t specifically know why immigrants came here because I didn’t have in the question the fourth wave awnersering that but my assumption is that immigrants came here because of any other reason to get a job and help there family or just get a better life.            After WWll the immigrants that came here from the axis countries were looked down upon but Japanese were the most looked down upon they were the most suspicious in other words so for them it must have been really hard finding housing, and a job.Well 70% of immigrants settled in California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey immigrants added diversity helped rebuild the cities, and helped improve the economy.            The 1965 Immigration & Naturalization Act was about ending “A cruel and enduring wrong” so in that quote President Lyndon Johnson was going to end the National quota system, and what came with this was that family reunification by 76% individual talents and skills 20% and refugee status 6%and it also raised number of immigrants allowed per year.But the immigration came with a 2nd opening the door phrase.Soon later in 1986 immigration Reform and Control Act or the IRCA the IRCA imposed fines up to 10 thousand on every illegal immigrant that’s employed. The IRCA Succeeded in legalizing above 2 million immigrants.A lot of immigrants went to California or Texas to do some farm work because they didn’t receive that good of a education or never got a education.     =Conclusion=Immigration plays a big role in the history of America well America is a country made up of immigrants so in the pre-first wave we talked about the first people that were here which other than native americans were viking and the leader of that viking band was Leif Eriksson.Then i the first wave we were talking about the times that the Europeans or Christopher Columbus founded America and claimed it for his king and queen and soon later other explorers encountered America, Canada, or Central America.Then we moved on to The Second Wave there we learned that Europeans came here because of a Famine and Asians to get a better life besides working in the fields same applies to the Europeans.Move on to the Third wave where there was a massive immigration of Europeans and Asians which was called “Open door” which was saying that everyone is welcomed, but the they closed the door and they like no we don’t need anymore.And then the final one The Fourth Wave where a damn ton of people came mostly mexicans.But let’s go back a bit into the past WWII started and there as been a decline in people coming and then the war stops and then people from the axis countries come and there treated like crap especially the Japanese. But then a but in the future there was something called The 1965 Immigration & Naturalization Act which ended the National Quota system.But a few years later the ICRA pops out and attempts to halt the influx of new illegals, while granting amnesty to existing illegal immigrants who wanted a chance to become legal US residents. And imposed fines of up to 10k on employers for every illegal immigrant they employed.Oh and then in this time or in the third wave the kkk pops out.