In IIUM students who utilize their student portal

another study The student portal
performance- comparative study (GSM-IIUM) by Qawasmeh, Tahir, Tresnjo,
Zilic & Ibrahim, 2014, they discovered that the recurrence of utilizing
students’ portal among IIUM students has a tendency to be more than that of GSM
students in a regular basis. Results demonstrate an equivalent reaction from students
in the two institutions with regards to week after week of use of the student portal.
The level of IIUM students who utilize their student portal in a month to month
basis is higher than that of GSM students. At last, GSM have a tendency to have
a few students who really refer to their student portal once per trimester
which can’t be applied on IIUM students since every one of them really tend to
utilize their portal more than one time for each semester. Taking everything
into account, IIUM students have the tendency of utilizing their student portal
more than GSM students. This depends on the rate got from day by day usage. The
accessibility of examination timetable for IIUM students’ respondents is higher
than that of GSM students. IIUM respondents demonstrate a significantly higher
level of general discernments on IIUM student portal quality as opposed to GSM
respondents. For example, IIUM students have a Mean of 4.65 out of 5.00 as
indicated by how they see updates of academic result is critical to them; in
addition, GSM students have a Mean of 4.10 out of 5.00 in the level of significance
of the exceptionally same service provided. Another case is given by students
from IIUM and GSM who see the accessibility of feedback from academic staff as
moderately imperative; 3.80 and 3.75 out of 5.00 individually. Taking
everything into account, the majority of the service provided in IIUM and GSM student
portal are seen as critical to students from the two institutions.
Additionally, just 5 IIUM respondents out of 20 said that they have, and the
rest of the 15 said they have not. Incredibly, a similar situation occurred
with GSM understudies, whereby, likewise 5 respondents out of 20 said that they
have the experience of providing academic staff with feedback and the rest said
they have not. The outcome likewise found the tendency of students who might consider
the student portal service provided before recommending their institutions to
their friends to be selected is 26 respondents out of 40 trust that their
recognition on current student portal affects the guidance they provide for new
students on regardless of whether to enlist in IIUM or GSM.