In god even if Big Brother does not

In 1984, Big Brother is ostensibly the leader of Oceania. Orwell wants the audience to view Big Brother as an omnipotent, dystopian god even if Big Brother does not actually exist or so is told. Big Brother rules every single one of his citizens in his anti-utopian society. Big Brother is everywhere including slogans, posters, and television. The most famous slogan in the novel is “Big Brother is watching you”. Another slogan that Big Brother sought out the citizens to strictly follow by is “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” (Orwell 18). How did the world come to this? Nothing makes sense on a moral level, and so there is no way to know how to be a citizen, let alone to care for your fellow-citizens. This is another means by which a totalitarian power wants to pour out influence over its constitutions is to place reminders of its slogans and doctrines everywhere. Privacy is also controlled by big brother meaning that there are telescreens everywhere watching whatever everyone is up to, basically no privacy what’s so ever. Higher ranking Party members can watch and also record their citizen’s activity. The Party leaders state that any cities that wish to disobey and or resist are therefore labeled as terrorists and soon will disappear, ultimate they will be executed. Big Brother controls everything in Oceania  such as history, government, individualism, privacy, thinking (thought police). For example, The history is mutable and changeable, the truth is what the party deemed to be. The history is cultured because the parties want the truths found in history to be based on the principles of the future or corresponding with the future. Big brother and the parties go by this slogan which is: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” (Orwell 260). Big brother is changing the history of Oceania and the citizens do not realize this because they are brainwashed to believe whatever the Party or Big brother tells them. In both novels have the same objective which is to control their citizens but does so in different ways. Big Brother uses manipulate to get control over the people of Oceania which robs their humanity and Henry Ford’s ideas subsidized the dehumanization of the people of London.