In GENIVI might play a vital role by

In the past year’s
automakers that have started developing IVI system relied on suppliers
providing the system independently and different user interface to compete
between automaker companies, as result of this long costly development processes
and expensive licence prices became an issue. To address this problem,
developers and other important community-developed have given their support and
started involving into the GENIVI open source project.

GENIVI alliance was founded in 2009 consisting in 150 companies including
carmakers component suppliers and automakers such as BMW group, Intel, Delphi,
Peugeot Citroen which share the same goal, to accelerate innovations and reduce
the expensive developing cost, testing, deploying and supporting In-Vehicle infotainment
system (Wikipedia 2017). GENIVI
differentiate between other source because its platform is packed of Operation
system and middleware components and not a complete IVI environment, this
enable manufacturers resources to focus on development of high components such
as application layer and human machine interface instead of just base system. (GENIVI 2017)

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 GENIVI strategic initiative are offer an open
source system based Linux to the industry to help faster innovation by accelerating
the development and implement a prototype of fully connected in-vehicle
infotainment application involving developers to deliver innovative

domain interaction can be challenging, GENIVI might play a vital role by
extending the development community and different organizations that will help
to develop OSI and code that is required to interact with domains.

To achieve the above strategic initiative,
GENIVI develops three main outputs. These are code project, baseline software
and compliance specification. (GENIVI 2012)

The first requirement is to make sure that
third party software components are well integrated with GENIVI compliant

Compliance specification that is developed
by GENIVI collaboratively refers the middleware components required to be
integrated to achieve GENIVI compliance. For every new iteration of this
specification contains also baseline software realise. (linuxfound nd)


Baseline software realise is a packing of
components required by the specification designed to reflect a GENIVI compliant
platform, this is useful because using the code project provided by GENIVI
allow to implement IVI functionality that are not already implemented in other
open source projects. (GENIVI nd)