In Fatima Oliveira (2008) have also based their

In order to gather the articles, the online archive
LexisNexis has been used which provides access to foreign newspapers, so also
Dutch newspapers from the 1980s until present. This service was also used by
(Izard & Li, 2003; Norris et al., 2003) in their studies of news media


The deliberate selection of the chosen newspapers was
based on two main factors: high readership and the fact that they are opposing
in terms of political affiliations. Papacharissi & de Fatima Oliveira
(2008) have also based their research on news articles with high readership.
They described the selection of newspapers based on a high readership as being
relevant as it illustrates that it is an influential source
of information to the public.  Dutch
national newspapers can be classified into two categories, popular newspapers
and quality newspapers (Schaap & Pleijter, 2012). First of all, de Telegraaf a popular newspaper that is
a politically right-wing Dutch has been selected. It is a tabloid like
newspaper, offering a Dutch Daily Mail coverage on Dutch politics, news,
celebrity gossip and lifestyle with a sensationalist style of reporting. Secondly, a center-right Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant
will also be examined. De Volkskrant
offers daily international and national news, providing a style of reporting
that is more elite and authoritative. 
According to Duguid (2010), tabloid newspapers differ to quality
newspapers in terms of their engagement with their readers through adopting a
more subjective and emotional tone.

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For this research, two Dutch national newspapers will be
examined. This leads us to an important aspect of the research, which is the
use of language as it is based on Dutch written news articles but the
dissertation is written in English.  I have
directly analysed the texts in Dutch from the news articles and then translated
these into English for my own reference. This facilitated the process of
writing up the results from the analysis of the texts. The original headlines
of articles I have translated but these can be found in Appendix B. I have not
provided the English translations in my results and analysis section because
this dissertation is not concerned about headlines of news articles but rather
the content of them.