In then states that the dancing originated by

               In Arthur Miller’s play, “The Crucible” the character Abigail Williams is a person who
has a huge impact on the situations going on within the play, to which she
needs blame for being so. But, she also is a victim of her own society and environment.
In the start of the play she is introduced by her Uncle Parris, who thinks that
she and the girls of the village (Salem) are witches, or that they have
something to do with witchcraft. The reason he thinks this is because the girls
and Abigail were dancing in the forest. To which Abigail then states that the
dancing originated by Tituba, the slave. This where all the lies Abigail conducts
spirals out of control.

               Throughout the play Abigail is
the main component to the outcomes that transpire within the play. In all actuality,
she is a manipulative person, who needs to be blamed for her actions, but her actions
are due to her not wanting soil on her name. In the town you get shamed or hung for not following the Ten
commandments, which Abigail broke one, being,” one will not commit adultery”,
due to her society and environment Abigail lies to keep her name pure. No one
in the town knows of her affair with John Proctor, Abigail wants to keep it
that way, so she tries to get people to keep see her as pure and proper. To do
so she is being deceiving by saying things like not wanting to work for Goody
Proctor because Goody hates her, which was her response when her Uncle Parris
askes her,” Your name in the town, its entirely white, is it not?” and ” she
(goody proctor) comes so rarely to the church this year for she will not sit so
close to something soiled. What signified that remark?”

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in retrospect she got fired because she was not a good worker.


 Also within the play the situation that go on
are primarily due to Abigail, one situation is that Abigail convinces the girls
of the village to go along with the lies she spews to protect themselves. The
girls fail to realize that Abigail is being deceiving for her own personal gain
but has them as mural support and for them just to back her up. To add on to
manipulative-ness that is Abigail she also lied in the Church when a trial was
happening to execute everyone who was falsely accused of witchcraft due to the
girls. She lied saying that a yellow bird was in the room that Mary Warren sent
to hurt them.    

               The environment that Abigail
lives in does have a big role in the situations that occur, the way the people in
Salem live is that they must abide by the Ten commandments. Abigail’s personal
life has a big impact on her own person as well, she is an orphan who lives
with her uncle. She should not be excused by a made up outside force that “made”
her the way she is, she selectively chose to lie plus sleep with Mr. proctor to
begin with. Everything starts from something, then drops like Dominos, Abigail
was the first domino that happened to fall then everything fell behind her. Cause
and effect is the main premise of the play.

       Abigail Williams is the sole
reason the play starts and continued farther on. She should indeed be blamed
for being manipulative but not at fault for the way her environment made her. She
also is, for the most part, a victim of her society and the people around her are
indeed the cause of her behavior.