In and better place for young children, youth


closing, my experience in the Bachelor of social work program at Metropolitan
State University, my personal struggles, my encounter with discrimination, my
volunteer work and internship experiences have strengthened me to be an
excellent master of social work major candidate. I understand that graduate
school will be very challenging, thus, if I am accepted into the program at St.
Cloud State University, I plan to quit my job to concentrate full time on my studies.
My family is very supportive of my going to graduate school, especially since I
will be the first female from either side of my family to attain a graduate
degree. The only difficulty that I envision is spending most of my time
studying, and less time with my children; but I look forward to it very much. I
know that the sacrifice will be worthy once I obtain my degree.  I want to thank you for consideration of my
application. It would be an honor to continue my studies and pursue my passion
at St. Cloud State University, so I can help make this world a fair, safe and
better place for young children, youth and families of oppression.

Cloud graduate Social Work program will allow me to conduct further study into
sustainable tracks to serving the needs of homeless youth and the mentally
ill.  In addition, St. Cloud State University is near my home, and I would
feel honored to study at such a distinguished institution with such a long
historical tradition of preparing people to learn how to best help others. As
stated in the mission of the department of Social Work at St. Cloud, “we
prepare professional social workers to work as change agents in a diverse
world.”  There are many personal
qualities that I possess which will assist me in the social work profession;
these qualities include empathy, confidence, eagerness to learn, ethics, and
most of all, and an open-mind. Self-motivation and determination are especially
important traits that I have because I have managed to overcome so many
obstacles in my life and still have more to face. As a person of color, working
with people of color and other races has never been an issue. I understand the
dynamics of racism and oppression and encounter personal discrimination which I
feel have strengthen me as a person. These experiences will help me treat
groups, families and people of color and individuals with the dignity and
respect that they deserve.

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of now, no other career ever has nor ever could bring me the same level of
satisfaction then a social service career.  I am eager to learn and expand
my knowledge to resources available to shape be to become an effective social
worker.  Knowing I have done all I can to make society better for our
children is fulfillment

the past eight years, I have dedicated myself to the field of social service,
both academically and professionally.  In my capacity as a Train Medicine
Administrator, a Case Worker and a Nursing Assistance Register, I served adults,
youth and children with mental illness and developmental disabilities. 
Additionally, I am a founder of a non-profit organization called, Living In Faith
and Truth, a Minnesota base non-profit organization established to empower
young women to live in their truth, strengthen their relationship with God,
dream big and give back to their communities. Our mission is to empower young
women thru community outreach with the aim of providing compassion, support,
and love of God, as well as relating them to Jesus Christ. As of now I have
found myself a second Social Work Intern at Radias Health as a part of my
undergraduate Social Work program’s field placement. I am worked with
individuals suffering mental illness, such as chronic depression, and schizophrenia.
I helped with developing a basic case management insight for client, such as
applying for health insurance, assisting with medication management and
locating resource in the local communities. In addition, my bilingual abilities
have never been put to better use than in helping the African community, a
community I am personally familiar with and their unique experiences and needs.

up in a family of low income and in an environment embedded with complex social
inequality, hopeless poverty, poor and miserable standard with living, lack of
access to basic social services for children, women, and persons with
disabilities, overwhelmingly motivated my passion to pursue social work career.
As a child living in Cote d’ Ivoire, West Africa, it was a struggle filled with
challenges, grieves, pain and unbearable suffering; However, I found joy in
helping other, especially my peers and young children in my community.  Majority of children in my community while
living in Cote d’Ivoire, were refugee children who had lost one or both parents
due to the civil war that took place in neighboring Liberia, West Africa. Each
day as I helped my peers and others young children in need, I noticed I had a
strong passion for helping youth, especially young children in difficult


migrated to the United State of America from the Republic of Guinea in 2003 as
a Liberian refugee, at the age of eleven.  I will never forget the social
worker who assisted me and my family, as she encouraged and helped us in
getting adjusted to our new environment. The social worker’s support and
assistance helped us build our confidence, while we were feeling scared,
hopeless and depressed in a strange land-refugee camp. When my family and
I arrived in Hanover Park, Illinois USA, we were met upon arrival by another
social worker who helped in resettling us in our new home. I immediately became
aware of the different challenges refugees and immigrants, especially
minorities are faced with in their resettlement process in the United States.
They face Challenges such as: – poverty, acculturation, racism, discrimination,
oppression, social injustice, inequality, cultural shock and English as a
second or third language.  I have lived
and seen the treatment given to the underprivileged population, since our
arrival here as refugees in the United Stat of America; these experiences,
including my own experiences as a minority immigrant, have allowed me to
develop the compassion for the underprivileged population.  Moreover, I
have seen and experienced the perpetuation of social stigmas, and stereotyping
of people who are refugees, poor, homeless, struggling drug addiction, mentally
and physically sick, that they are in these situations because of the choices
they made.  All these experiences are some of the contributing factors to
why I have a burning passion within me to pursue a career in social work, so
that I can be a part of the solution to the problem of mental illness.