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In his allegory Animal Farm, each animal represents a political figure during and following the Russian Revolution in 1917 and animals are used to demonstrate the operation of a communist class system and how the citizens(working animals) react to this and the effect of tyranny leadership of early leaders like Stalin. In order to support his message, Orwell applied multiple motifs throughout the novel and one of the more significant ones were the Seven Commandments. They started off as a prevention that the pigs came up with of following the human’s steps and their evil doings and to keep animals in place which sworn by every animal on Animal Farm. By slowly changing each and every one of the commandments, he proves that not only the commandments are there to keep a civilized society running, but secretly also a tool for Napoleon to gain total control over the Animal Farm state and manipulate the animals and still get praised and accepted by the working animals. The readers can tell that a little after the seven commandments were established, the pigs took all of the milk and apples as they were “absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig”(page 31). Squealer acts as a propaganda department, started to use his speech advantage to explain to the poor, less intelligent animals on why there is an unfair division of food which is totally against the seventh commandment exemplifies the imposement of more power while maintaining privileges for themselves. Already, the pigs’ actions had demonstrated some level of abuse over power, foreshadowing a greater corruption of Animalism. Soon enough, as the story progresses, the seven commandments ensure the animal’s equality and who the real enemy is, but ironically in the end, they deteriorate the animals even more caused by the dictatorial pig, Napoleon. With Orwell subtle criticism, the seven commandments are able to reflect the growing tyranny of the growing pigs and their dogs and help the readers to see a parallel line between the animals and the Russian communist as Stalin was no better than a pig. The novel’s theme