In American mother of five children. In the

the book, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” Skloot depicts the life of
Henrietta Lacks fighting with her cervical cancer as she gets treatments from
Johns Hopkins Hospital. She illustrates Henrietta’s life as an African American
mother of five children. In the passage, the doctor’s note that Skloot added
appeals to pathos. Henrietta Lacks loved children and wanted many of them,
having five before going to the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Skloot makes us feel
sympathy for Henrietta Lacks because she can no longer have babies. We feel
sorrow for her as we know that children are important factor to the most
women’s life. To express how much pain Henrietta is going through, Skloot uses
simile like “she began burning inside, and her urine came out feeling like
broken glass,” and “they burnt you black as tar,” to make more emphatic and
vivid descriptions. With the addition of specific Sadie’s explanation of the
appearance of Henrietta’s deep black radiation, Skloot creates an imagery of
how painful it would be and how tragic her treatments that the doctor’s during
the Jim Crow era had done to Henrietta, and once again moves our emotion.