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If I were a school admissions director the most important characteristic I would look for in an applicant would be their commitment to hard work and perseverance towards their goals. Someone who is hard working is diligent and accomplishes tasks with energy and commitment. This is one of many qualities that would be useful in a person if I was to be accepting them. Having the characteristic of being a hardworking person indicates several other desirable traits within a person, for example, integrity, determination, and persistence. Qualities such as these culminate to form the umbrella term: hardworking, as well as how qualities such as these are essential to forming a prosperous, unified, and productive community of thousands of students that value each other’s efforts and respect the desires and interests of everyone. Hard working people inspire others to be hard working too. By inserting even one hardworking student into a large group of students, one will observe a very polarizing effect on the rest of the student body. This student will cause the others to envy their success and follow their lead, breeding a competitive atmosphere where all students strive for excellence. Unlike other traits being hardworking is one of the few traits that infects others to have a similar disposition. To give an example, a fast learner does not necessarily cause others around them to learn faster. Similarly, a person that is good with math will not always make their peers as strong with numbers as they are. To contrast this, a hard-working person frequently finds themselves surrounded by other hard-working people. Being hardworking is one of the few traits that will help you all throughout your life. There is no point in your life where being too hardworking is a negative thing. A hardworking person will become proficient at a new skill far faster than someone with a less translatable characteristic such as intelligence or strength. A hardworking person already has one of the most important characteristics they will need to learn by the time they are done with school and wish to enter the workforce. Hopefully they will have a similar influence on their co-workers and inspire them to be hard working too. A hard-working person gains the attention of others and this creates opportunities during their whole life. These opportunities don’t have to be exclusively for school – they can be athletic, workplace, or even friendship opportunities. This is because being hardworking is an admirable trait and makes you a role model for others. A hard worker is dependable, and people give these opportunities to hard workers because they know they will not be let down. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”.In summary, a hard-working person will have a positive effect on their school ecosystem and is one of the most important characteristics that I would look for as a school admissions director. A hard-working person inspires others to be hard working and contributes to the collective success of the group. A hard-worker will achieve success throughout their life and gain people’s attention as they work towards their goals. Hard workers will encounter many opportunities in all aspects of their life leading them to bigger and greater things.