I want their daughter to be labeled as

I am a Chinese female who has
always been interested in the healthcare field. I took several health science and
biology courses at San Jose State University. After I graduated college, I had
the chance to work in the biotech industry for almost a year. I learned the
basis of our genomic test and common billing questions patients may have. As I gained
valuable experience and knowledge, I wanted to do something more than just
answer phone calls about medical bills. I wanted to make a difference in
patients’ lives by providing the care they needed. As I decided it was time to
purse nursing, there were conflicts that I came across such as my parents
expecting me to marry by age 27 and work a normal job like everyone else.

In Chinese society, they believe
women should get married by the age of 27. Their belief first originated from China’s
state council in 2007, when they faced an issue with the low quality of
population. Their message to resolve this issue to the population was that they
were suffering from a gender imbalance, which was a threat to social stability
that affected men. Even though it affected men, women were targeted and
pressured by their family/friends/media to get married early or they would be
labeled as “leftover women” (“sheng nu,” an unmarried female who is above 27
years old). The label of “leftover women” encouraged parents to attend marriage
markets to help their single daughter find a potential match for marriage. There
are multiple posters displaying their daughter’s physical qualities, education
level, and occupation at these marriage markets. Parents in China did not want
their daughter to be labeled as “leftover woman.” ADD A SENTENCE WHY IT IS

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Like most other Chinese parents, my
parent’s desire was for my sisters and I to get married in our early twenties
to avoid being labeled as “leftover women.” They were worried for our well-beings
once we reach age 27. My parents were judged based on successful my sisters and
I were. In that case, they expected us to marry young and have grandchildren.
They also wanted to be ensured that I can take care of myself and them as well
in the future.

I was unable to fulfill my
parent’s desire when I made the decision to go back to school. By the time I
graduate nursing school, I will be 26 years old and labeled as a “leftover
woman.” In the other hand, being labeled as a “leftover woman” does not bother
me but adds more stress to my parents. I do not plan on getting married until
my late twenties. I want my parents to understand it is okay if I am not
married by age 27. I am investing my time in school and my career to provide a
better life for my parents.