I the introduction. Next are ideas B and

I think there are three ideas in this
piece. There are A, B, and C. Idea A comes in the beginning as the
introduction. Next are ideas B and C. After, there are two musical instruments
being featured, then the piece picks back up with idea A, B, and then ending
with idea C.

            The timings of this piece are as
follows: start 0:0 and stop 00:15, start 00:16 and stop 00:45, start 00:46 and
stop 01:18, has a repeated musical rhythm through the trumpeter, a brass
instrument playing the melody in a smooth manner. The piano is also played
together along with several different kinds of percussion instruments such as
the cymbal, start 01:19 and stop 02:18, the saxophone, a solo brass instrument
is the main melody played at a loud volume level while being accompanied by
other percussion instruments. start 02:19 and stop 03:17, with the solo piano
replacing the solo brass instrument, start 03:18 and stop 03:46, Here the brass
instrument and percussion instruments are played together. Start 03:47 and stop

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This piece is for an ensemble because of
the many kinds of instruments used including the brass, percussion, and piano.
Throughout the whole piece, the percussion instruments which are played at a
consistent beat, creates a harmonic way of presenting the melody of the solo
instruments. Although the solo instruments are changed as Ideas change, the
percussion is played throughout. The musical style of this piece is Jazz. For
example, the variety in notes changing from long to short among the four ideas
provides the player freedom as well as the opportunity of combining traditional
instruments to harmonize.     


Unity is particularly important in this
piece as a great variety of melody is implemented in it. The percussion
instruments have a vital role in holding the piece together and creating unity.
The variety in this piece stems from the dynamic and timbre. The dynamic, or
the use of different volumes, of the solo instruments is varied between
different sections. For example, from Idea A to Idea B, the saxophone plays at
a louder volume which is toned down to a softer volume level with the piano.
Additionally, in the second Idea A, the dynamic of the piano is changed by the
addition of a louder brass. Alternatively, variety is present in this piece
through timbre, the different sound sources used in a composition, and the
change of pitches. For example, the brass and piano present different levels of
timbre and pitch. In this piece the switch of the brass and piano back and
forth brings about a strong variety in timbre. The piano holds a high pitch
while the brass carries a low pitch giving variety to the audience listening.

The strong connotation towards me is the
feeling of being free due to how upbeat this piece is. I imagine you would hear
something like this at the top of a lighthouse. That is to add to the already
beautiful scenery or view of the situation. I think this piece could be used
for a certain purpose. I think a reason for this piece being written is for a
party or in a place to eat. In top of the line or expensive restaurants you
might hear music such as this. Also, on a cruise you could potentially heard
something along this style. For people to casually listen to as the enjoy the scenery
or enjoy a meal.