I be left out. As the story

I am reading a story called Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo and I’m on page 90. Private peaceful is about a boy named Thomas Peaceful and his nickname is “Tommo”. He tells the story from the past to the present day events of his life experiences. His oldest brother, “Big Joe”,has brain damage from birth and is always protected by his brothers. The earlier part of the story tells of his life as a little boy and then his experiences in world War two. It also tells his love for Molly which is a beautiful girl he has a lot of feelings for. He met her on his first day at school and grew to love her over time. Which is Tommo’s older brother but younger than Joe. The Three brothers had grown up together.                Charlie and Molly become closer as they are both older than Tommo, while Tommo begins to be left out. As the story goes on it tells a shocking thing that Molly and Charlie were seeing each other and that Molly had become pregnant with Charlie’s baby. Tommo became extremely heartbroken after the couple rushed to get married. I kinda feel bad for Tommo since his own brother married and had a baby with a girl he had grown and had a huge crush on. Tommo didn’t get jealous just sad and later was kinda happy for Charlie. The only problem I have with this part of the story is that it feels too rushed. The only time he notices that Molly and Charlie liked each other was when they had a baby and got married. Either this all happened in very short amount of time or Tommo was completely clueless the whole time. I wish the author would later hint to us. I understand it is told in Tommo’s point of view but he can’t be this clueless to notice his brother and Molly liked each other he is around them all of the time. Charlie is also bogus for not telling Tommo sooner I understand he didn’t want to hurt his feelings but just waiting till they got married to tell him is just more sad.