I popularity. Everyone is considering it as the

I like the website which is the most popular and
exciting and that’s why the whole world is liking it too, named Apple.com. It is actually most trending
website I have ever seen till the day. There are too many reasons for its
popularity. Everyone is considering it as the most power full brand in terms of
every manner specifically in “Technology”.


Little bit about its history, the company was started
at April 1,1976. It was invented by the person who does not need to be introduced.
The main reason of it is his ideas as well as self-belief that he can change
the world. He was pinned with his thought process though it was not liked by everyone
at that time but for now the result is seen by each and every personality in this
universe. So, again it’s all about curiosity to do something which is unusual and
in which we believe that could be happen.

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The first product launched by the company was
named as ‘Apple I’ which was a computer.

Progressively, they did lot of hard work with
their ideas and started launching better than the previous products which is
ultimately to challenge themselves and make the products which was indeed for
people at that time. This process is still in progress with lot of rapidity and
the whole world is wishing that it should never stop for any of the reason.


Apple has basic but eye catching website. Apple’s
website has Black and White as its major color. At first, it seems like old
fashioned selection but it’s not at all. Apple has core idea like whatever their
new product is about to launch or may be already launched in recent time, give
it almost 80% of the portion in home page to advertise it globally. So that
people can get idea what it is and can able to checkout all its features with
just a single click.


It has very organized information like if we
select the product which we want, they give us the detailed information in such
a way like we don’t need to revise that necessary information again any more.
After looking the website, we can take decision straightaway whether to buy it
or not. The information is well organized on the website in such way that even
the new person who is not aware of technology can still understand almost


The unique feature of the website is they use
to highlight their key features as well as their key-note for the specific
products. According to me it is one of the great strategy to market the product.
If anyone wants to see the accurate example of creative website who explains
and shows everything effortlessly, here it is Apple.com.