I my alarm clock is the same one

I am an extremely deep sleeper. Every
morning, I am awoken by an alarm clock, rather than a human, because inanimate
objects feel no pain when being thrown to the floor. The feeling I get from my
alarm clock is the same one I get when someone pops out at me in the dark. I do
not enjoy the rush of shock and terror that comes from this heart-stopping


It is nine o’clock at night on January 7th.
My bedroom door flings open. My legs start flailing, and I make a horrifying
facial expression. I hear people shouting “Get up! Get the **** up!” I am too
traumatized to bother putting on my hoodie, so I look up to see five blurred
faces and a flash of light. My heart rate suddenly drops when I hear my
brother’s sinister laugh. I jump out of bed to find my brothers and three of
our cousins. For a second, I just stared at them, unable to comprehend what
they are doing in my bedroom and who would let them in my room. Then when I
realize what was happening, they were in my room and I couldn’t believe that
they traveled all the way here.

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I should have known at that point that
these people were not going be lenient with me, I was being kidnapped by the
meanest cousins and brothers ever. They made me wear some clothes that I didn’t
even know how they looked.


Then, I am immediately blindfolded and my
face is smeared with lipstick. Flashes of light. I am dragged to the car where
my inductees fail to warn me to watch out for the car door, so a painful bruise
begins to form on my knee. The radio blasts and I am told to dance and sing,
and I better be loud. I cannot ask questions, or smudge whatever is written on
my forehead, and if I take off my blindfold, God help me. This goes on for an
hour and a half. In that time, one of them decides to pop out at me because I’m
not scared enough. Nevertheless, I was eventually picked up and taken to our
final destination. The sudden chill of the air intensifies the goose bumps
already overtaking my skin.


I felt like I was walking through a garden
but I wasn’t sure about that, they told me to keep walking and stopped me in
the middle of nowhere. When they took my blindfold off I saw my family and
friends waiting for me and they all shouted ”Happy Birthday” so loud, it took
me a few seconds to realize where I was and what was happening, when I figured
out what was going on I started laughing so hard that I started crying.

That was one of the best birthday parties
that I have ever had. It taught to appreciate my friends and family even more
than I already did before. Seeing the fact that they would do anything to make
me happy made me realize how much I love them and appreciate their love.