I have the right to kill someone if

I just want to understand what kind of law allows for people to use deadly force on another person if they are just breaking in. I understand that they are breaking into your private property, but if they’re not causing any harm to you or are any threat to your life you shouldn’t have the right to kill them. And in this case specifically, I don’t choose to completely defend either. Ceballos thought that someone broke into his garage and stole some tools. Therefore, he decided to make a deadly trap to harm any other person that tries to break in. And a young, stupid, boy named Stephen, broke the lock on the garage door and broke into the garage causing the gun to fire, and shoot him in the face. Luckily he didn’t pass away but he was severely hurt. But here’s what i have to say about this. First of all, Ceballos didn’t even know for sure if someone broke into his garage. Second of all, he could’ve notified the police. Third of all, if he really felt that someone had and was going to break into his garage again he could’ve simply put a camera in the garage instead of a deadly trap!!!! And for Stephen, he just simply could’ve not broken into a man’s garage. There’s easy and simple solutions for both the guys, therefore I give neither of them any excuses. Let’s get back to this law that states people have the right to use deadly force to protect their private property. I completely disagree with that. Why on earth should anyone have the right to kill someone if they’re not causing any harm to your life. I understand that they are breaking into your private property and most likely stealing, but that issue could simply be solved. You could add cameras to your house or call the police when you think someone has broken into your property.Or you can get higher and better alarm systems. You shouldn’t just automatically shoot a person for that small of an issue. I personally don’t think stealing something is worth the cost of someone’s life. However, if someone is threatening your life, and you need to defend yourself, then I am all for using self defense/ deadly force.. If someone is threatening to kill you then of course you should defend yourself, and in that case use deadly force. Let’s say for example someone breaks into your home and then pulls a gun or weapon on you, then that is a different scenario. In that case you should have the right to use deadly force to defend yourself, but only because they are threatening your life. However if they’re just breaking in and stealing then you should just call the police and walk out,or just find any other way than to just kill them. I personally feel that a human life is priceless and very valuable. You can always replace anything that has been stolen. A Television? You can replace that. A laptop? You can replace that. A Play Station? You can replace that. But a human? A life? A soul? You can’t replace that.