I day-to-day struggles of venerable adult as I

I believe a candidate for the
‘mental health nursing’ course, like myself, requires a high level of kindness,
patience, knowledge and compassion, which I believe I can demonstrate.

I have first hand experience in
watching the day-to-day struggles of venerable adult as I have lived with my
step-dad who suffers from a brain injury from the age of 3. Experiencing this
allowed me to understand more around this area. From experience I have realised
explaining to unknowing person illnesses of the mind is harder to explain and
understand in comparison to explaining a broken leg or cold. This is a large
reason on why I have taken interest into this course to a large degree. I think
the more knowledge people have on this means we can all collectively aid each
other with support and through sharing knowledge to steer away from the idea
that mental health is a ‘taboo’ subject to talk about. I think seeing this
first hand has shaped me into the person I am today, which I am grateful for.

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After completing this course, Id
like to use the knowledge I gain from this to help venerable people themselves,
the carers of mentally ill people and the national population on the subject,
through school workshops and voluntary work.

 The average person may not be able to identify
a person who suffers from an injury of the mind, which is where I think it is
important that as a society we are more compassionate towards each other as you
never truly know what a person is going through.

Working at Tesco in a location
where the local community is of an elder demographic I have gained experience
through this also. In particular, I help an elder lady who visits every Friday.
She is slower than other customers and appreciates the help given to her from
me. Packing her bags, taking extra time with her and reminding her of other
things she sometimes forgets, such as her club card and cash back are vital
otherwise she is visibly frustrated. It is important to me to provide the extra
care and attention when helping customers like this lady as not only does it
brighten their day but it also gives a feel-good feeling to myself.

Although this area of work is a
demanding field, it is also highly rewarding seeing those once suffering become
themselves again enjoying the things they once did and independently completing
once challenging tasks. I am very driven and motivated for this course and
because of this I have full confidence I can do well.

A particular module, which has
intrigued me, is ‘Developing professional Awareness: Law and Ethics in the
Professional Context’. I currently study law A-level and find it highly interesting,
studying the subject has increased my knowledge and interest of substantive