I Cities along the East and West Coast

I developed research attitude in me, dates back to my early under graduation days. My interest
in Geophysical research nucleated on the 26 December 2004, that day coast of
India was hit by the tsunami caused lot of casualties. My NCC commanding
officer called for the relief operations. When we were there shocked to see the
causalities, made me to think about working in the field of Geophysics to
understand the physical phenomenon, dynamic process and effect. I did my M.Sc.
project on “Tsunami
Propagation Due to an Earthquake in Sumatra Region”  at CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad. This project scored
top mark in the M.Sc. and it given me the motivation to work in this field of
Geophysics .

 I continued my
research in the same field for a PhD degree in Geophysics at CSIR- NGRI on “Tsunami
Inundation studies for a few Nuclear Power Plant regions and other Major Cities
along the East and West Coast of India due to Tsunamigenic earthquakes from the
Indian Ocean.” to Govt of India “National
Round Robin on Tsunami Modeling for Nuclear Power Plant sites”, Atomic Energy
Regulatory Board, Mumbai. The research outcome on
Tsunami Modeling is very much necessary for safety of the coastal region. I made valuable suggestions which
were well accepted by the BARC, AERB and the scientific community.

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PhD I have got DST Inspire Faculty and continued my research on “Measurement and Hydrodynamic Modeling of Coastal
Overwash for Selected Sites from East and West Coasts of India ” .The different
sites along the Indian coast to study overwash deposits were selected on the
basis of maximum sediment inundation. A series of field and laboratory
techniques were used to investigate the geological evidence left by each of these
flooding events in the coastal stratigraphy. Field techniques include coring
and stratigraphical analysis. A
geophysical survey using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Laboratory
techniques consist of grain size analysis, geochemical analysis, geochronology
analysis and the foraminiferal analysis carried out to reconstruct the
Paleo-events using Geophysical Modeling.


also have developed all my equipment which is required for my research like
Sediment corer, Deep Freezer for core storage, Core Splitter, Random wave
generator for Sediment Transport Experiment purpose, Automated XYZ traverse
measurement system and sediment transport measurement sensors for sediment
transport experiment purpose . We are in the process to apply for the patent.

In future I would like to work on
Artificial intelligence (AI) with Numerical modeling for Earth process in the
Cloud environment will make the system more intelligent and comprehensible. As
well Error statistics needs to be incorporated into modeling using various
numerical and analytical techniques.

I also like to develop a new technology for equipment,
methodology for experiment, field and modeling in the area of Geophysics.

Earth and Coastal process modeling have a wide scope
for research and development, a few of which would be addressed as my research
progresses. In future I also like to develop a new Coastal Processes Modeling Group
with modeling, Experimental lab and Field work facilities.