I called enemies. Films are aggressively violent and

I think the novel warns readers of the danger of letting too much power fall into the hands of very few people, and focuses on the ways a government can have too much power. What Orwell shows is power can and will be abused if only a few have total power. He depicts power in a negative way and shows that through O’Brien showing the ability to force people to do what they hate.  Orwell depicts a place where every little thing of an individual’s life is controlled, subjecting members to constant surveillance and by making nothing an explicitly crime instead making everything a potential crime. People are kept all the time, live poorly with no food, clothing, or housing. They’re emotions controlled and directed against so called enemies. Films are aggressively violent and people are so desensitized they laugh at graphic violence.   1984 warns us about control and complacency. If you trust your live with the government or something other than yourselves, you’re basically allowing anyone else to “own” you, to decide for you, or even to provide for you. This is why it’s so important to always be yourselves and to question what others are doing and how it might be affecting the world, don’t be afraid to speak on your behalf.  I agree with question, and I agree with George Orwell. Even though his imaginary States don’t exist, it somewhat resembles the world of “1984” at the time there were two major world powers with a third on the way. The Eastern totalitarian states, and the Western zone also called the free world. In the book Big Brother never conquers the world. However, the warnings of George Orwell are more relevant than ever. But like the real world Big Brother did kind of succeed, through the management of the new and the censorship of the written and spoken word which severely impairs a person’s ability to think freely.  1984 has real world implications and George Orwell did an amazing job dictating what a world would be like if power wasn’t divided. Even today Balance of power between the world leaders is still considered the best prevention against war.