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I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Vivek Kumar Singh, whom I have known since2014. In my capacity as Vivek’s professor for ‘Kinematics of Machinery’ in third semester and ‘Dynamics of Machinery’ in the fourth semester, I can firmly say that he is a diligent and determined student, focusing on learning new concepts and techniques. His thorough understanding of the fundamentals and his ability to analyze a problem and an attitude towards working meticulously are praiseworthy. As his instructor, I have always found him to be very sincere and attentive in class which was evident from his scores in my subjects. I scored him A+ in both of my subjects. His academic credentials have been consistently good. I was abreast of his overall progress as well; he impressed me and other faculty members by earning a very good CGPA.As said above, Vivek has always managed to outshine his peers in the classroom and even helped them whenever they needed a little extra support. He has immense veneration towards all his teachers. He was always well prepared and asked relevant questions prompted by a spirit of inquiry and a zest for learning. He has a calm disposition in the space and debates with his peers while listening to their ideas. He relentlessly integrates lectures with practical applications. I did notice his skills in group activities, which has been commendable as he enjoys working along with his peers and binds the team together.On many occasions, I have noticed Vivek’s strong penchant for learning and applying things. In my opinion, earning a perfect grade in such subjects which require application and strenuous mathematics is a big achievement. Moreover, academics have never been the only thing he managed at a time. He gave himself astutely to his hobbies, team activities, volunteering etc. and maintained a good balance with all of them but never allowed all this to affect his studies. He covered the college cultural fest and led a team of photographers. He demonstrated exemplary personality traits such as leadership quality, interpersonal relations, work allocation etc. while handling the responsibility with diligence.Vivek is very detail oriented and strives on challenges which is a weakness at times. He takes too much stress to come at the top and outshine his peers. At times, in his drive for results, he tends to take up more responsibility. Therefore, he also gets involved in non-critical areas and his proactive thinking gets hampered.Ivey Business School will open the door to thriving career opportunities for Vivek. He has a sharp analytical mind which combined with the right guidance and input, will prepare him to enter the competitive business world of today. The skills strengthened during the Masters will be leadership, creativity, analysis, communication and critical thinking which will help him to find his way toward his ultimate career goal. He has the ability to think structurally and is comfortable with number crunching and statistics. This specific program from your esteemed business school will refine these skills in Vivek along with interpersonal and business-related skills.Lastly, in all my years of knowing Vivek, I’m a proud teacher to be writing this recommendation for him. He has the potential to prove his worth. On a personal level, he is gregarious in nature and has a calm disposition which makes him easy to approach and communicate, which explains the friendly relationship he shares with his peers and lecturers. He has a clear perception of his future aspirations. Based on my interaction and assessment I can safely say that Vivek has the necessary capability to pursue higher studies.