Human practically people will create interaction in order

beings are automatically born to be a part of social life. As a part of social
life, interaction is an important thing for them. People need to interact with
each other in order to show their existence as human beings. As an example,
when people need to ask some help or when people go to school obviously the
will have interaction with other people. In other case, when people are having
problem, certainly they will ask somebody to talk and expect to give solution
to solve their problem. In this case, practically people will create interaction in
order to interact with other people.

everyday life, people need language in order to have interaction with
others. Language also is a foundation
for people to interact with each other. Interestingly, through language people
indirectly demonstrate their thoughts and purpose for having interaction. It
can be seen when there are two people are having conversation. In this case, we
can see how the way they speak, how they choose the lexical choice or how they choose
intonations. During their conversation, there are a lot of phenomena that
interestingly occur in the interaction. 
The phenomena that occur in their interaction are worthy to be analyzed.

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                In this study, the researcher only focuses
on the deixis and more specific in temporal deixis as her scope in conducting
her research. The reason behind choosing deixis as a main
topic because related with the object that has been chosen by the researcher.
The object of the research is Stanton’s Finding
Nemo. Finding Nemo is an American
computer animation directed and written by Andrew Stanton. This movie was
released on May 30, 2003 and won Academy Award for Best Animated Featured. This
movie tells about a journey of seeking a son of a fish who lost. In this movie,
there are a lot of times changing that interestingly to be analyzed. In this
movie, the characters of the movie use various deictic expressions especially
temporal deictic that interesting to be analyzed.

researcher will investigates the temporal deixis that expressed in Stanton’s Finding Nemo. The theory from Yule
(1996) will be used in order to accomplish researcher’s purpose. The use of temporal deixis is considered as the
dominant by the researcher. Those temporal deixis can be scrutinized under the
scope of pragmatics called deixis. However, the investigation only specifies the
form of temporal deixis employed by characters in Stanton’s Finding Nemo.