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A good designis described by whetherit achieves the end results desired. For a project to besignificant there has to be a project manager who should have the qualities needed for managing the project. The quality of art depends on the viewer, since we cannot always rely on the understanding of art experts to influence our decisions regarding good and bad art.

An art project can be said to be significant based on the assessment of several characteristics that include uniqueness, beauty, skill, natural meaning and acquired target. Beauty cannot be influenced, and comes naturally to an individual. A person’s opinion of beauty can be influenced by color, texture, pattern and presentation, among other factors.

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The skill and technique of art is measurable, based on an individual’s experience or interaction with other works of art. This feature can be influenced by the talent indicated, level of attention given in the work and consistency of the art work. Another important feature of art work is the meaning portrayed, whether it is emotional, political or just a random concept.

The next aspect that makes a project significant is its uniqueness, which depends on the message being relayed by the artist, as well as the way it is expressed. The last aspect, fulfilled intent, looks at the message being portrayed by the artist. This message, which is usually expressed as a statement on the art work, should help the viewers to understand it easily.

The building environment is evaluated by coming up with a structure that helps in definition, establishes methods to define progress, provides a common set of values,and suggests a management system and decision protocol that will help in evaluation.

The designprocess that produces the best results is that which requires the integrationof many kinds of information into a synthetic whole. This includes the active and continuing participation of users, building technologists, cost consultants, code officials, structural civil electrical and mechanical engineers, specification specialists and consultants from many other concerned fields.

Designing is a collaborative effort. Collaboration is working together to achieve desired goals, whereby two or more people work together to realize theirgoals. Therefore, in design, for the end products to be achieved, many people have to work together and collaborate. Hence, it is seldom a product of a singular genius.

Architecture should not fade into the background, because structures come up every day, hand in hand with economic growth. To achieve this,architectural knowledge is a requirement.

Good designs shouldbe innovative; thus, new ideas brought forward are still considered as useful to a design, since they provoke serious thought among the architects.

There are certain principles that architects and designers should follow when coming up with an architectural design. These principles are beneficial help in creating a desirable design. A design can be weak or strong depending onhow the designer understands the principles of the design and how one can apply them.

They include: balance, which involves bringing together various components in order to create a feeling of equality of weight and attention; movement, which is defined as the linethat we see in art work, which moves along in a particular directionas a suggestion for action;

repeat and rhythm, which is the repetition of an element irregularly or regularly, resulting in a rhythm; emphasis, which involves concentrating on a single area of work; simplicity, which involves the elimination of elements that are not essential;

contrast, which is the difference between various elements; proportion, which examines the way two things relate in quantity, quality or measure; space, which looks at the distance between objects or forms; and unity, which examines how the parts of an individual and the whole composition relate.