Hospitality costs incurred by the entire institution.


Hospitality is the warm reception of a guest or a visitor. However, hospitality management refers to the control and administration of procedures as well as processes set aside to ensure warm reception is maintained. We can analyze hospitality and its management by taking two case studies namely Aramark and the National Automation Merchandising Association (NAMA).


Aramark is widely recognized as a multinational corporation that partners with companies and institutions in meeting the daily basic needs of their employees and customers (Aramark n.pag). It offers the following services:

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Quality foods and beverages

This corporation has established restaurants in places such as shipyards, Germany but also operates its businesses in real estate companies, universities and various schools. In such places, merely qualified chefs are employed to cook different delicious and elegant meals that suit various ethnic groups. In fact, their courteous and well articulated attendants ensure that all the regular and non regular customers are delighted through utmost treatment.

In schools, the corporation ensures that children do have well balanced diet by offering two meals in a day (Aramark n.pag.). This does not only create ample time for teachers and students but it equally saves costs incurred by the entire institution. Furthermore, the corporation expands its services to cater for a large number of fans in stadiums and arenas.

Provision of cleaning services

Aramark provides and replaces uniforms besides offering laundry services to firms alongside hospitals thus facilitating effective task performance. Basically, the corporation cleans the offices for these business entities and cares for the overall physical image of other institutions while delivering and picking parcels at same time. The firms that enjoy Aramark services include hospitals and real estate companies.

Provision of recreational services

Aramark partners with recreational resorts such as Lake Powell Resort and Marinas. The corporation provides lodging and recreational services to these resorts. It has further built institutions where children may relax after school without causing any disturbance or being deemed nuisance to the teachers and parents (Aramark n.pag.).


NAMA as a recognized body consists of several regional and national companies that sell edibles and electronics mainly through automated machines. All companies that make up NAMA ensure that goods are delivered fresh to the consumers via the vending machines. In essence, they offer fast and efficient delivery services irrespective of distance and stipulated timeframe (NAMA n.pag.). NAMA services entail:

Provision of soft drinks and snacks

Vending machines tender healthy and nutritious products from reputable companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. In most cases, small business enterprises make use of technological advances such as GPS satellite to track the deliveries. The vending machines offer drinks in either frozen, warm or hot forms to satisfy the clients’ specification. Generally, the machines use brilliantly high technology to flawlessly deliver products. In case of any failure, an alternative infrared technology is used.

Coffee service

This is a form of specialized business. Some of the NAMA coffee vending machines can offer up to fifteen different brands of coffee with three dissimilar strengths. All orders appear freshly ground and custom made. It is not a surprise that most members of this association are prominent names in the coffee industry. In an attempt to make the vending more convenient, some vending machines offer cash pre-purchasing services either by credit card or prepay keys (NAMA n.pag.).

Sale of foods

NAMA vending machines similarly sell fresh foods that are prepared by the skilled chefs on daily basis. The foodstuffs compare favorably to other restaurant provisions.

This has greatly enticed most companies to employ NAMA services particularly in the work areas either through hiring their machines or contract food services (NAMA n.pag.). The fact that they can work around the clock and still provide the same freshness and quality puts them way ahead of grocery stores.

These two business entities namely Aramark and NAMA demonstrate excellent hospitality to their customers making them a darling of the people.

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