Hidden she was the only African American

Hidden Figures is a movie that presents the viewer with the real-life based story of the struggles and success moments of three African American women: Katherine Goble, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, and their careers at NASA. These three women showed to be more than qualified for their position, however faced many challenges in their work as they lived in the time of segregation in the United States and when women had less rights. The movie starts off with Katherine Goble, as a child, who is given a full scholarship and is able to skip from sixth to eighth grade because of her intelligence. Then we move forward and see that Katherine has a job along with her two friends, Dorothy and Mary, at NASA. They are mathematicians who are in charge of doing the calculations for the launching. Soon we see Ms. Mitchell, coming in with promotions for Mary for the engineering department and Katherine as assistant for the Space Task Group, due to her knowledge in analytical geometry. After this, we see Dorothy ask for Ms. Mitchell about the promotion she had applied to for supervisor, after the past one died. She is cruelly denied even though she has taken upon all the responsibilities of the supervisor, she just doesn’t have the title nor the pay. The main obstacle that Katherine has to faces is her transition and gain of respect from her new peers at the Space Task Group. Her transition is rough as she shocks everyone else because she was the only African American and women. During this time, these group is going through lots of stress as the Russian have been more advanced than them, they feel behind and are seeking new math in order to get ahead of the Russians. Katherine has to deal with a lot like not given all the information she needs, being excluded, giving extra work by her colleagues, and having to walk half a mile to a restroom because there isn’t any for colored people in her department. Her boss seeing how essential she is, gets rid of the segregation occurring in restrooms. Katherine shows to be able to solve the problems as she realizes that they didn’t need new math but rather recognize she could solve their problems with ancient math, Euler’s Law, Still after this she isn’t treated fairly but at the after rechecking the end location because machine could not, she earns the respect and her position and continues to contribute to other missions like Apollo II. Mary’s main obstacle that she had to overcome was becoming an architect, she was inspired after her promotion by a Jew who made it. There were many obstacles for her like the lack of her husband’s support and the fact that she wouldn’t be able to attend the classes she needed because the school was a white only. However, she didn’t give up and was able to convince a judge to allow her to take classes. Dorothy, not only faced not getting her promotion but also the risk of not losing her job as new technology that can do calculation faster than her. She is aware of this and steals a book that teaches her how to use it and she also sneaks in to where the machine is located to get to know it. She also share her knowledge with the rest of her of the women who worked with her and they are all able to get promoted. At the end Dorothy is given the title of supervisor and teaches the white women to do the job as well. This is a very inspiring movie as it show the results of perseverance. These three women were equally as classified as everyone else working, but just because of who they were, because of their gender and skin color, they had to suffer and face all these obstacles. However, they made it. Going to college, I feel inspired to not give up in my journey as well because I know that just because I’m being a male latino, I will have to give twice as much effort than others. Depending on where I go, I know I might be looked down upon, but just like these three women I will feel continue to keep working hard towards my goal, which is to get my diploma. One thing that stood out in the movie was when Mary was trying to become an architect and Ms. Mitchell told her that she now needed more classes. She said that everyone one of the, tried to succeed someone would pull the finish line farther.  These women provide hope and just knowing that they were able to make it in just a harsh time in history gives me courage as I start to face people with different ideals than me. Therefore, my main takeaway from this movie is that through history there has been man