Hello, and marijuana. As these are all forms

Hello, today I will be talking about drug abuse and what I have learned about it. I’ll talk about cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana. As these are all forms of drugs that I have learned about and if not used properly could be horrible. (best case scenario you get fined) .Let’s get started!Cigarettes, this slide is about cigarettes, Here we go! They are very addictive because of this plant called tobacco. Tobacco contains a drug called nicotine, and nicotine is a highly addictive deadly poison. More on that later.People / teenagers convince kids to try things such as take drugs or do cigarettes. This is called peer pressure. This gets kids under aged  adicted. Cigarettes are also horrible for your health. Because of nicotine being very poisonous, you can get diseases such as cancer of the lung, mouth, lips, throat, tongue, voice box, stomach, liver, kidney, and bladder. You can also get coronary heart diseases, circulatory problems. Cigarettes decay your teeth like stains, bad breath , skin damage and breathing problems.Second hand smoke is when you’re around someone that smokes very often. This can lead to health problems similar to the ones listed above.Cigarettes are very expensive. Did you know it cost someone who smokes half a pack of cigarettes per day more than $1,500 per year. Marijuana, this next slide is about marijuana and the effects it has on humans let’s get started. Marijuana can be Mind altering It also can be addictive Marijuana often impacts the users perception Marijuana can cause health issues similar to cigarettesThere are short term effects such as red eyes, drowsiness, anxiety attacks, slower reaction time and coordination,  increased heart rate, and distorted  sense of time.Long term effects could be bronchitis, lack of concentration and motivation which can affect school and job performances. Alcohol, the final drug in this presentation is alcohol this can have an effect on a human body like the two drugs mentioned before, here we go !Alcohol can impact your brain/body development Alcohol affects younger people more than adultsThe risk of personal safety is increasedThere are short term effects such as altered judgement, potential for violence, slowed reflex, poor balance, memory loss, slurred speech, vomiting, blurred vision, hangover, and coma/deathThere are also long term effects such as liver disease, poor school and job performance, negative impact on relationships and reputation, tolerance and physical dependence leading to addiction, and chronic misuse can leave to physical damage of the brain as well as depression In this presentation we talked about drug safety, and what you shouldn’t do drugs. We talked about cigarettes marijuana and alcohol, and in conclusion I personally think that you shouldn’t do cigarettes and marijuana and do little alcohol ( if you really want to). And always remember stay in school and hugs not drugs thank you. And here is a link to my script for marking purposes